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Edit employee details for Single Touch Payroll

AccountRight Plus and Premier only

When you set up Single Touch Payroll, your payroll details were checked to identify any employee details that need updating. What gets checked?

But you can manually check your details at any time via the Payroll command centre > Payroll Reporting > Check Payroll Details.

If any issues are found in your employee's details, they'll be listed like in this example:

Example payroll check with employee card issues highlighted

Here's what to do:

To edit your employees' details

  1. If you're not already on the Check Payroll Details window, go to the Payroll command centre > Payroll Reporting Check Payroll Details. The Check Payroll Details window appears listing the results.

  2. If an employee card is listed in the results, click the blue zoom arrow  to open the employee's card. The Card Information window appears.

  3. Update the required details in the employee's card. See the FAQs below for details about all the information that's required in your employees' card. What if I don't have an employee's TFN?

  4. Click OK to save your changes and return to the Check Payroll Details window.

  5. Click Check Payroll Details to refresh the list to see if everything is done.

  6. Repeat the above steps for any other employee cards which need updating.

Need to check lots of employees?

See Print or export employee details.


What payroll details are checked during STP setup?


When AccountRight checks your payroll details, the following fields are checked to make sure they meet the new STP requirements.


What gets checked

Company information

Company Name


ABN Branch (if you have one) what is this?

Street Address




Name (of contact person)

Phone (of contact person)

You can access this information in AccountRight via Payroll > Payroll Reporting > Company Information.

Employee details

Employees paid in the current and previous payroll year are included in the payroll check. Inactive employees are not checked.Here is the information that's required in your employee cards (accessed via Card File > Cards List > Employee tab > click an employee).On the Profile tab:

Last Name

First Name



State (you need to select a state from the list and not type it. If you have additional addresses (Address 2, etc.) ensure complete details are entered here too)


On the Payroll Details tab > Personal Details section:

Date of Birth

Start Date

Employment Basis

On the Payroll Details tab > Taxes section:

Tax File Number

Income Type

Do you employ working holiday makers?If you choose Working holiday maker as the Income Type, you'll also need to choose the worker's Country of origin. Also check that the correct Tax Table is assigned to working holiday makers based on your business's working holiday maker registration status.

Payroll categories

Wage, deduction, and superannuation payroll categories used in the current and previous payroll year are included in the check. You can access your payroll categories in AccountRight via Payroll > Payroll Categories.Each of these must have an ATO reporting category assigned. By default, this is set to To be assigned, so you know what payroll categories still need assigning.How to assign ATO reporting categories

What if an employee doesn't have a Tax file number?


If you don't have an employee's Tax file number (TFN), use the applicable number from these provided by the ATO. If you need more information or you're not sure what to choose, check with the ATO.

Use this TFN

For this scenario

111 111 111

New payee has not made a TFN Declaration, but 28 days have not passed.

333 333 333

Payee is under 18 years of age and earnings don't exceed $350 per week, $700 per fortnight, or $1,517 per month.

444 444 444

Payee is an Australian Government pensioner payee.

000 000 000

Payee chooses not to quote a TFN and has not claimed an exemption from quoting a TFN or does not fit into any of the above categories.