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Viewing pay history for the current and last year

AccountRight Plus and Premier only

The following reports can be used to view payroll details for the current and last financial year. You can find these reports in the Payroll tab of the Index to Reports window.

  • Employees—Register Summary

  • Employees—Register Detail

  • Superannuation—Accrual by Category

  • Superannuation—Accrual by Fund Summary

  • Superannuation—Accrual by Fund Detail

  • Superannuation—Employee Advice Summary

  • Superannuation—Employee Advice Detail

  • Payroll Categories—Payroll Summary

  • Entitlements—Balance Summary

  • Entitlements—Balance Detail

Need to fix an employee's pay history? 
Don't change the pay history in the employee's card. Instead, fix the issue in a pay run. See Changing a recorded pay and Adjusting leave entitlements.