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Saving and resuming a pay run

Pressed for time? Why not save the pay run you're working on and finish it later. When you resume a saved pay run, you can change any of its details before finalising.

To save a pay run

  1. When doing a pay run, save your progress by either:

    • clicking Save to save your progress and remain in the pay run. If you then close the pay run before finishing it, you can resume it later.

    • clicking Save and Close to save your progress and close the pay run.

      Example pay run with save and save and close buttons highlighted

      The pay is saved.

To resume a pay run

If you saved and closed a pay run, there's a couple of ways to resume it.

  • From the dashboard:

    Example resume pay run on dashboard
  • Via the Payroll menu > Pay runs then click the draft pay run.

  • Via the Create menu > Pay run, then click either:

    • Continue pay run to resume the saved pay run, or

    • Create pay run to discard the saved pay run and start a new one.

      Example prompt to continue pay run

Rate changes in saved pay runs

If you've changed the rate of an hourly pay item after saving a pay run, you'll be alerted to the rate change in the employee's pay when you resume the pay run. If you want to update the pay rate in the resumed pay run, click the alert  icon then click Update. Otherwise the original pay rate will be used.

Pay run alert for pay item rate change