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Review employee pays before recording them

AccountRight Plus and Premier only     

The Employee Pays step of the Process Payroll Assistant (Payroll command centre > Process Payroll) displays the standard pay details and timesheet amounts (if applicable) for employees who are paid according to the selected pay frequency.

Example process payroll window with employees selected

All employees are selected by default. If you want to exclude an employee from the pay run, click in the select column ( ) to deselect them.

To edit a pay, click the zoom arrow ( ) next to the employee’s name. In the Pay Employee window that appears, you can:

  • change the hours worked

  • record annual leave and personal leave pay

  • record any other types of pay

  • add a payroll category to an employee

  • assign job numbers to payroll category amounts

  • change the employee’s bank account details

  • change the Memo to display on the employee's pay slip (for this pay only). Learn how to set a default memo in the employee's standard pay.

If you need to make any of these changes, see the procedures below, and then click Record.

If you see an alert that says Your payroll information doesn't meet ATO requirements, click Update details to see what needs fixing. Learn more about fixing payroll information.

Example alert that some payroll information need updating

Continuing the pay run without updating your payroll details can lead to your information being rejected by the ATO.

When prompted, enter the name of the authorised sender and click Send. Or, find out how to Send Single Touch Payroll reports after processing payroll.

Not set up for Single Touch Payroll? Find out how to get started.

Example STP prompt to send payroll information to the ATO

You can then process the cash, cheque and electronic payments.

To view a summary of the pay details for all employees before you record their pays:

  • Tick

    click Payrun Activity to display the Payrun Activity (Detailed) report. This report shows a summary of all payroll category amounts for the selected employees.

  • Tick

    click Preview Pay Details to display the Payroll Verification report. This report shows a breakdown of each selected employee's pay.

Want to make payroll payments from a different bank account? You can do this by changing your payroll linked accounts.