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Employee benefits

Employee benefits is a free benefits and perks platform available for your entire workforce – including your full-time and part-time employees, casuals and volunteers. You can distribute and communicate your company benefits to your people, while at the same time, manage employee rewards and support employee wellbeing.

Employee benefits gives your employees access to savings and perks from leading retailers like Woolworths, Amazon and Apple – straight from their mobile devices.

Learn more about employee benefits or watch this quick overview:

Make sure your email address and each employee's email address:

  • Tick

    is unique (employees can't share an email address)

  • Tick

    only contains the characters a-z A-Z 0-9 _ - + .

  • Tick

    does not have a dot immediately before the @ symbol

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    starts with a letter or a number and not a symbol.

Setting up employee benefits

To manage your employee benefits, or create your own custom perks, you'll start the process in MYOB then complete the setup on the Flare* website.

  1.  Go to Payroll > Employee benefits.

  2. On the page that opens:

    • read the displayed info, and

    • follow the instructions to consent to transfer your employee data to Flare* and click Activate your free employee benefits.

    What gets transferred?

    Only the employee's name and email address are shared with Flare. This is so you can invite your employees to use the Flare app for employee benefits.

  3. If you see an alert about invalid employee emails, it means an employee's email address doesn't meet the requirements listed above.
    If you see this alert, you can either:

    1. Take note of which employees have an issue with their email address, then click Go back and fix the email address.

    2. Click Continue to proceed to the Flare* website. Note that if employees share an email address you won't be able to invite them to use the Flare mobile app to access their benefits until you amend their email address to be unique.

  4. Once you're on the Flare* website, follow the prompts to connect your MYOB account with Flare Benefits.

What next?

Once you've connected your MYOB account, you'll choose which benefits to offer your employees and you can invite them to download the Flare* app on their phone. This gives them access to their benefits.

Once you're set up you can manage your employee benefits program by going to Payroll > Employee benefits.

Need some help?

If you need help setting up or managing your employee benefits, visit the Flare support site.

*Flare HR Pty. Ltd. (ABN 46 607 120 892) (Flare) powers MYOB's Pay and Benefits service. MYOB and Flare are related entities. MYOB also has a paid partnership with Flare for the Pay and Benefits services they provide.