Employee benefits for the modern workplace

Attract top talent and reward your existing employees with a treasure trove of special offers, discounts, perks and wellness resources. Now you can with MYOB Employee Benefits, powered by Flare.

It’s time to level up the employee experience

Stay up-to-date with a modern benefits program for the modern workplace.


Attract top talent

The workplace has changed, employee requirements have shifted and recruitment is more difficult than ever. Offer in-demand benefits that'll keep your business competitive and appeal to job seekers.


Reward employees

A tight labour market and rising living costs mean household finances are stretched thin. Give back to your employees and improve retention with benefits that support wellbeing and maximise the employee experience.


Easy to enjoy

With apps available for iOS and Android, along with an intuitive web portal, accessing employee benefits has never been this easy. Choose from our marketplace of regularly updated perks or add your own.

Unlock everyday savings for your employees

How MYOB Employee Benefits works

World-class benefits are right at your fingertips.

Getting started with employee benefits is too easy

MYOB employee self-onboarding form

Step 1: Sign in to MYOB

Access employee benefits by signing into your MYOB account, via the browser or desktop software. We’ll prompt you to sync your employee’s details between MYOB and Flare, and soon you’ll be ready to start inviting employees in just a few clicks.

Step 2: Manage your perks

Browse the Benefits Manager or Resource Hub to enable perks for your employees. Choose from what’s available in our marketplace, or create your own custom perks for your employees to enjoy.

Step 3: Enjoy the benefits

Employees can access their benefits by downloading the Flare app to their mobile device, or signing into the Flare website. Now, discounted store cards, curated events, wellness content and financial perks are at their fingertips.

Explore a world of perks, or create your own

There’s something for everyone with MYOB Employee Benefits.

Easily choose which premium benefits you’d like to offer employees in a flash. Pick from existing financial, health or wellness perks from our marketplace, or create your own, unique perks.

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All your questions answered about employee benefits

What are employee benefits? Toggle Section

Employee benefits are special perks, events and resources that are provided to staff. Many companies offer benefits as a way to attract top talent and give back to their employees.

How much does employee benefits cost? Toggle Section

MYOB Employee Benefits are free for all current MYOB Business, Essentials (new) and AccountRight Payroll users in Australia.

How do I access employee benefits? Toggle Section

To configure MYOB Employee Benefits, sign into your existing MYOB account through the browser or MYOB desktop software. Your team can access benefits via the Flare website or through the Flare mobile application (available for iOS and Android devices).

What benefits can I choose from? Toggle Section

Our marketplace has a wide range of benefits that you can enable for your employees, across multiple categories. MYOB Employee Benefits also features curated events, wellbeing resources, discounted store cards and more.

Can I set up my own benefits? Toggle Section

Yes! MYOB Employee Benefits supports the creation of custom perks. Now you can make tailor-made benefits that are unique to your company.