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Enter employee payroll information

AccountRight Plus and Premier only

Once you've created payroll categories and an employee card, you can enter the employee’s payroll information. If you've sent an employee a self-onboarding request to submit their own details, find out how to finish setting them up by adding their payroll information.

When using Pay super and Single Touch Payroll reporting, there’s some mandatory information you need to enter in your employee cards.

Employee or contractor? To learn about the differences, check the ATO website.

Prevent access to employee information

You can set up user accounts to ensure only those users you choose have access to employee payroll information.

Recording additional information

If you have employee-specific information that you want to record which isn't catered for in AccountRight, such as next-of-kin or emergency contact details, use the Notes field on the Card Details tab of the employee's card.

Alternatively, you can set up a custom list of attributes which might apply to your employees, or create a custom field.