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Assigning pay items to employees

Pay items are the additional earnings and deductions in an employee's pay, on top of their normal salary or wages. This includes payments for things like overtimeallowancesbonuses, and penalty rates, or deductions like union fees, child support payments or salary sacrifice. You might also need to assign leave pay items, like annual leave and sick leave.

You can assign permanent pay items to employees when you create the pay item, or any time after the pay item has been created. If it's a one-off payment, like a one-off allowance or bonus, you can assign the pay item to the employee during the pay run.

We cover both scenarios below.

Default wage pay items

When you add an employee, the Base Salary pay item is automatically assigned to salaried employees and Base Hourly is assigned to hourly-based employees – and cannot be removed.

Let's show you how to assign pay items, and also how to remove a pay item from an employee.