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Tracking your stock levels

If you use the inventory features in MYOB Business, it’s easy to keep your stock levels up to date. This includes how many items you have on hand, how many are on order and how many are committed to customers.

Get Started


Set your inventory up

First, make sure you’ve set up your inventory items and supplier details.

Enter your opening stock levels

If you already have some items in stock, you can add their opening on-hand quantity by making an inventory adjustment.

Order stock from suppliers

When you want to order inventory items, you can create a purchase order for your supplier, detailing what you need.

Track stock in and out


Receive items into inventory

When the items come in, you can convert the purchase order to a bill — this automatically adds the stock you’ve ordered into your inventory.

You can also create a bill from scratch even if you didn’t create a purchase order.

Sell items to customers

When you make a sale, enter an item invoice for the customer — this automatically reduces your stock on hand.

Maintain minimum stock levels

Maintain enough stock to fulfil sales — enter your inventory item restocking information. Then, you can easily see what items you need to reorder and reorder them with just a click of a button.

Adjust stock levels and values

If you need to write off some of your inventory or revalue it, you can make an inventory adjustment to reflect that in MYOB Business.