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Filtering the Items List

While the search feature is great for finding items that match simple criteria, filtering enables you to take searching to the next level.

For example, you might want to filter your items list list to show all items which:

  • have an on hand quantity less than a certain value

  • have an item number starting with a specific prefix

  • have a specific word in the item name

  • have a specific sell price.

Click a column heading to sort the items list by that column.

Simple filter

To filter your items, use the blank row at the top of your items list (right under the column headings).

Filter row shown

Type into a column's filter row to only show items that have matching values in that column.

By default, typing a filter term will only show results that begin with the characters you enter. If you want to show all fields that contain the filter term, not just start with it, add an asterisk at the beginning.

For example:

  • If you type 2 into the Sell Price column's filter row, only balances that start with 2 will appear.

    example search for sell prices containing 2

  • If you type *2, all sell prices that contain 2 anywhere in the price will display.

    Example search using an asterisk

  • Or, you can select the specific entry you're looking for by clicking the icon in the column header.

    Example sell price search

Print the filtered Items List

Once you've filtered the Items List, right-click the list and choose Copy List to Clipboard. You can then paste the list into a spreadsheet or any document you like, ready for printing.