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Auto-Building items

Not available in AccountRight Basics

For items that you build often, you can use the Auto‑Build function to automatically build the finished items.

Before you can build a finished item using the Auto-Build function, you need to define what items are needed to build the item.


To define an Auto-Build item


Defining an auto build item is where you define the individual items that are required to build one of your inventory items.

Once you define an Auto-Build item, you can't un-define it.

  1. Go to the Inventory command centre and click Items List. The Items List window appears.

  2. Click the zoom arrow () next to the item you want to build. The Item Information window appears.

  3. Click the Auto-Build tab.

  4. In the Minimum Level for Restocking Alert field, enter the minimum level of the item you want to have in inventory.

  5. In the List what it takes to build field, type the number of finished item units you can make with the component quantities you will specify in the list.

  6. Enter the details of each of the components required to build the item.

    1. In the Item Number column, select a component that’s required to build the new finished item.

    2. In the Quantity column, type the number of component items required to build the specified quantity of the finished item.

    3. Repeat from step a for each component required to build the new finished item.

      Auto-build tab of the item information window

  7. When you've entered all the components, click OK.

To Auto-Build an item


Auto-Build from the To Do List

You can also auto-build items using the To Do List. In the Stock Alert view of the To Do List, select the items you want to build and click Order/Build.

  1. Go to the Inventory command centre and click Auto-Build Items. The Auto-Build Items window displays all items that you've designated as finished items.

  2. In the Quantity to Build column, type the quantity of finished items you want to build. (Click None if you want to change all numbers in this column to zero.)

  3. Click Build Items. The Build Items window displays the details of the transfer that will occur when the finished item is built.

    Build items window with components listed

  4. Review the entries in this window to make sure that the quantities, unit costs and total inventory values are correct. Note that the quantities of the components in the list appear as negative numbers, while the quantities of the finished items in the list are shown as positive numbers.

  5. Click Record to save the build item transaction and update your inventory quantities and values.

To run a report to see your Auto-Build list

  1. Go to the Reports menu (at the top of the AccountRight window) and choose Index to Reports. The Index to Reports window appears.

  2. Click the Inventory tab. A list of report headings appears.

  3. Select the Auto-Build Items report and click Display Report.

To remove one or more items from an Auto-Build item

  1. Go to the Inventory command centre and click Items List.

  2. Click the zoom arrow to open the relevant item.

  3. Click the Auto-Build tab.

  4. Click into the Item Number field of the item to be removed and press Delete (or Backspace) on the keyboard. The item number is deleted.

  5. Press SHIFT + TAB on your keyboard. This will take you back to the Quantity field of the above line.

  6. Repeat steps 4 and 5 for all items to be removed.

  7. Once you have removed all required items, click OK. If a red cross appears in the Item Number field, click into that field then tab across to the Quantity before clicking OK.