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Building items

Not available in AccountRight Basics

Building items is the process of making a finished item by transferring quantities and values from the component items (such as raw materials) to the finished item.

For example, you could build an item of furniture (the finished item) by transferring the required quantities and value of timber and fabric (component items) to that furniture item.

You can build items in two ways:

  • manually, for a one-off build.

  • automatically, for an item you build repeatedly. See Auto-building items.

Before you can build a finished item, you need to have created an item record for each component and the finished item. See Creating items.

To build items manually

  1. Go to the Inventory command centre and click Build Items. The Build Items window appears.

  2. In the Item Number field of the first row, select the finished item you want to make.

  3. Type the number of finished items you want to make in the Quantity field.

  4. In the Item Number field of the next row, select a component you are using to make the finished item.

  5. Type the number of units used as a negative number in the Quantity column.

    Build items window with items listed

  6. Repeat step 4 and step 5 above for all other components used.

  7. If required, edit the unit cost of the finished item and of each component included in the build. The value in the Out of Balance field must be zero before you can record the transaction. That is, the value of the finished items in the Amount column must be equal to the sum of the component values.

  8. Click Record to save the inventory transfer. The built item is added to your on-hand inventory and the component items are subtracted from your on-hand inventory.