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Setting up MYOB Team after upgrading

This help topic is for those who've upgraded from MYOB Essentials to MYOB Business and want to set up MYOB Team. If you haven't upgraded from old MYOB Essentials, see Getting started with MYOB Team instead.

If you've just upgraded from MYOB Essentials to MYOB Business and your employees submitted timesheets using YourPay, you'll need to switch over to MYOB Team, which replaces YourPay.

Before you begin

You may need to allocate any YourPay hours that have not been processed in a payrun to the correct pay item. For more information, see Allocate YourPay timesheet hours. We recommend you do this before setting up MYOB Team. 

Hey employees! If you've been invited to use MYOB Team on your phone, your help is here.

Setting up MYOB Team

Start by checking a few things in MYOB Business, then complete the setup in the MYOB Team admin portal.

For all the details, see Getting started with MYOB Team.

What's next?

Once you're set up and you've invited your employees, find out about: