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Error: The Base Filtering Engine (BFE) service doesn't exist or can't be started

This information only applies to the AccountRight Server Edition.

When you're installing AccountRight, if you get a warning about the Base Filtering Engine (BFE), make sure you're installing the latest AccountRight version.

If the issue persists, here's what we know about BFE issues:

  • The BFE service is part of Windows which allows the Windows Firewall to operate, and also allows the creation of shared folders.

  • The AccountRight installation needs to create specific shared folders and add rules to the Windows Firewall.

  • Without the BFE service, the AccountRight installation may be successful but certain components won't work.

  • BFE issues are usually caused by malware or a virus which has either removed the BFE or Windows Firewall services, or is preventing these services from starting. The virus may no longer be on the computer, but may have corrupted the Windows Registry.

To resolve this issue, log into your computer as an administrator (or a user with administrator privileges) then complete these tasks: