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Error: Connection error

Connection errors like these happen when AccountRight can't connect to your company file: 

Connection error


Unable to connect

This can happen due to:

  • internet outages

  • scanning software on your computer, like an anti-virus program, interfering with the internet connection

  • scheduled maintenance on the AccountRight servers. Before and during scheduled maintenance we’ll add a notice to the top of this help page. Also check the status of our online services at

Upgraded from AccountRight v19 and receiving an "AccountRight can't connect to the internet" message? See Troubleshooting online files for more information.

Fixing connection errors

  1. Restart AccountRight.

  2. If you're still having issues, restart your PC. This clears temporary files which can cause connection issues.

  3. Finally, restart your modem/router (unplug it for 10 seconds then turn it back on). This re-establishes your internet connection.

If you're still having issues, there's a couple more things you can try: