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Completing your activity statement

MYOB Business brings together all the information you need to prepare your Business Activity Statement (BAS) in one place without you having to run multiple reports. This includes GST collected and paid for all GST codes and the transactions the GST codes were assigned to.

You even get to see transactions that were added, edited or deleted since the last return period was completed. These you can add to your current return as prior period adjustments so that your end-of-year GST reconciliation balances.

You'll first need to check your GST settings and then use the information in the GST report to prepare your return. We'll step you through what you need to do.

You'll be accessing the GST return and GST report as part of a guided BAS process, rather than the separate reports of the same name available in the Reports area.

Once everything looks good, you can use the Prepare BAS or IAS function to file your BAS straight from MYOB Business. Alternatively, you can use the information from the GST report and Prior period adjustments report to complete and lodge your BAS electronically, through your tax or BAS agent or by post. See the ATO website for more information about these options.

Before you begin

We recommend that you:

Lodge your activity statement

After completing your BAS in MYOB Business, use the information in it to help you lodge your activity statement. Once you’ve filled in the other required fields on your statement you can lodge your activity statement online, and get confirmation from the ATO within seconds.

For all the details see Lodge your activity statement (Australia).

Before you can lodge your activity statements online, you need to:

  • Tick

    have already nominated MYOB as your software provider, and

  • Tick

    set up your activity statement fields.

If you haven't completed these setup steps yet, see Get ready to lodge activity statements.