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Deleting a record

You can delete a record, like a card or stock item, that you no longer need. However, a record cannot be deleted if it is used in a transaction, has been selected in another record, or if it has a balance.

If you're trying to delete transactions, see Deleting a transaction.

What records can't be deleted?

You can only delete a card, account, item or job if it has never been used in a transaction. If it has been used, you will not be able to delete it, even after deleting any associated transactions. This makes sure you keep a history of records used in transactions for auditing reports.

As an alternative, you can make the record inactive or combine an account or card with another record to remove it from your lists.

To delete a record

  1. Go to the Lists menu and choose the list to which the record belongs. For example, if you are deleting an item, choose Items; if you are deleting a card, choose Cards, and so on.

  2. Locate the record you want to delete.

  3. Right-click the record and choose Delete [...]. For example, if you want to delete a customer card, right-click the card and choose Delete Card.

    Delete [...] greyed-out?

    Your user role needs to be set up with permission to delete transactions. If you need to regularly change transactions, ask your administrator to add this permission to your user role.