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Advanced batch filters

You can filter the list of transaction forms you're sending and change the stationery you use before you send forms. You can do this in the Advanced Filters window.

Need to reprint or resend a transaction? Deselect the option Unprinted or Unsent Only in the Advanced Filters window. The transactions will now be listed, ready to print or send.

To filter your form batch

  1. Click the command centre function for the forms you want to send. For example, if you want to send sales invoices, go to the Sales command centre and click Print/Email Invoices.

  2. Depending on the type of form you are sending, you have the option to print or email. Click the To Be Printed or To Be Emailed tab depending on how you want to send the forms.

  3. Click Advanced Filters. The Advanced Filters window appears. 

    Select the transactions

  4. Select the criteria by which you want to filter the list of transactions. You can specify a transaction type, and select all cards or a specific card. You can also select the status of the sale, for example, OpenOrders, or Quotes.

  5. If you want to filter the transactions using other criteria, select from the options in the middle section of the window. For example, enter a date range or reference number range.

    Select the stationery

  6. In the Selected Form for [...] field, select the stationery you want to use when you print or email your forms. Several stationery choices are available, depending on the type of form you're sending.

    • Pre-printed - Select the preprinted stationery to print on paper that already contains lines, columns and headings. The preprinted stationery is designed to match most commonly used forms provided by third-party forms suppliers.

      Note that this type of stationery is not suitable for emailing forms.

    • Plain paper - Select plain-paper stationery if you want to print on blank paper. Lines, columns and headings are automatically printed with the form’s information.

    • Customised - Select a customised stationery form if you want to print or email a form you have already customised. See Personalising forms.

      Test the printing alignmentIf you're using continuous-feed paper or pre-printed stationery and you want to test the alignment of the information that will be printed using sample data, click Print Alignment Form

  7. When you've finished making your selections in the Advanced Filters window, click OK. The Review [...] Before Delivery window reappears, displaying records according to your filter criteria.

  8. Click Print or Email to send the forms.