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Changing your GST settings

The GST settings in MYOB is where you choose if your business is registered for GST. If it is, you can set how often you report your GST to the government.

You might have set this up when you started using MYOB, but you can check or change these setting by clicking your business name and choosing Business settings > GST settings tab.

This is what the GST settings look like for Australian businesses. The only difference for New Zealand businesses are the reporting frequencies (one, two or six months).

Example GST settings

If you've chosen Yes in your GST settings (you're registered for GST), there are some tax/GST options that will be available in MYOB that you won't see if you're not registered for GST. Take a look at the information below to learn about what you'll see (or not see) in MYOB if you change your GST registration setting.

Before making any changes

Your accounting advisor likely helped you set up your GST settings when you started using MYOB, so check with them before making any changes.

Need to switch your accounting method from cash to accrual?

Click your business name > Report settings Business settings tab. For all the details see Report settings.