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Deleting imported bank statements

You might need to delete an imported electronic bank statement for a number of reasons, including:

  • you’ve imported the statement to the wrong MYOB category

  • you’ve imported the wrong statement

  • you've imported a statement containing the wrong date range

Some things to note:

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    You can't delete individual bank statement transactions. If the statement has transactions you don't want to import, change the date range of the statement before downloading it from your bank.

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    You can't delete bank statements from a period that contains locked transactions (to do this you'll first need to unlock the transactions before deleting them).

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    If you re-import a deleted bank statement, you'll need to categorise or match the transactions.

To delete an imported bank statement

  1. From the Banking menu, choose Bank transactions.

  2. Click the ellipsis (...) and choose Import statements. The Bank statement import history page appears.

  3. Choose the Bank account the statement was imported into.

  4. Click the delete  icon for the statement you want to delete.

  5. At the confirmation message, click Delete. The statement is deleted, and the bank transactions are removed from MYOB.


I've imported a bank statement and now I have duplicated transactions in MYOB - what can I do?


If you have duplicated transactions, it's likely caused by importing a bank statement which includes transactions which have already been brought into MYOB via bank feeds.

To fix this:

  1. Delete the imported bank statement as described above.

  2. Download a new bank statement from your bank, ensuring the date range doesn't include transactions already in MYOB.

  3. Import the bank statement again.

Can I delete individual imported bank statement transactions?


Bank transactions brought into MYOB via imported statements represent the transactions which actually occurred in your bank account. This means you're unable to delete any of the entries shown. But if there's a corresponding transaction in MYOB, this transaction can be deleted.

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Can I delete bank feed transactions?


We recommend contacting product support to discuss your options.