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Bank feeds

Bank feeds allow information from your financial institution to be sent straight to AccountRight so you can save time on your data entry. It's a faster alternative to importing a bank statement.

Why you should use MYOB bank feeds

  • Stop wasting time on manual tasks. Bank transactions are delivered directly into your MYOB file, automatically matched to MYOB transactions (or you can create matching transactions with a click) and marked for reconciliation.

  • Security you can bank on. We protect all data with PCI DSS global security and are compliant with ASIC and banking rules.

  • Best coverage. We provide direct bank feeds for the largest range of financial institutions in Australia and New Zealand.

Banks feeds are included with an AccountRight subscription and can be used with both online and offline company files. We support many financial institutions in Australia and New Zealand, and we're always adding more.


How often will I receive bank feeds?


How often your bank feeds are updated depends on your bank. Search the list of supported banks and their feed frequency (Australia | New Zealand).

You can click Get Bank Transactions on the Bank Feeds window any time to grab the latest feeds available from your bank.

Learn more about Approving a bank feed.

How will bank feeds work if my business uses multiple credit cards associated with a single credit card account?


You'll need to set up a bank feed for the primary credit card number. Banks sometimes call this the "primary account number" or "billing account number". This is because a bank feed can only be associated with a single bank or credit card account.

Then when you receive bank feeds for this primary account, the transactions for each of the credit cards will be listed, ready for you to match or allocate.

If your business uses this type of credit card arrangement but you've set up the bank feed for one of the other credit card accounts, and not the primary account, you'll need to cancel the bank feed. You can then re-apply for the bank feed for the primary credit card account.

Can I backdate my bank feeds?


Bank feeds will commence from the date your bank feed becomes active. If needed, you can download older bank transactions from your online banking site and import these into AccountRight. Learn more about importing bank statements.

What does it cost to use bank feeds?


Bank feeds are included with your AccountRight subscription, subject to the MYOB BankFeeds Fair Use Policy (Australia | New Zealand).

Who can set up bank feeds for my company file?


To apply for a bank feed, you need to be the online owner, who is usually the person who set up your AccountRight subscription.

If you need to change the person listed as the online owner for your company file, contact us.

Who can access bank feeds?


You can control who is able to view and refresh bank feeds in AccountRight by setting up roles. By default, only users with the AdministratorAccountant/Bookkeeper or Banking roles can view and refresh bank feeds, but you can give this access to anyone you like.

Why can't I apply for bank feeds?


As mentioned above, only the online owner of AccountRight can apply for bank feeds. If you're not the online owner, you won't see the Add more bank accounts or Add more credit cards buttons when you attempt to set up a bank feed.

Will my PayPal transactions show in bank feeds?


There are a few ways PayPal payments can be managed. One way is to link your PayPal account to a bank or credit card account. If you have a bank feed set up for that bank or credit card account, then all transactions, including the PayPal ones, will show in that bank feed.

Currently you can't set up a bank feed directly from a PayPal account.

For more information about PayPal payment methods, see the PayPal website.

I'm having trouble with my bank feed - what do I do?


Contact us and we'll help you get back on track.