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Managing your bank feeds

On the Manage bank feeds page, you can view details of your existing bank feeds, as well as::

Access the Manage bank feeds page from the Banking menu.

Viewing your bank feeds

You can view a list of your bank feeds by going to the Banking menu and choosing Manage bank feeds. The list that appears includes bank feeds that are both currently active, and those that are in the process of being activated. For every bank feed, the following information is listed:



Financial institution

The name of the bank that's providing the information

Account name or Card name

The name of the account held by your bank or financial institution

BSB/Account number

The bank's BSB and the account number of the bank or credit card account that the bank feed is for

Linked account

The MYOB account that transactions from your bank account will be automatically imported into


The status of the bank feed application. For a description of what each status means, and what you need to do, see

Tracking the status of your bank feed application.

Need to link more bank accounts? The number of bank accounts you can link depends on your plan. Go to My Account to see your current limit or upgrade your plan (click your business name > My Account > Manage my product).

Changing the linked account for a bank feed

If you've linked the wrong MYOB account to a bank feed (for example, you might have linked your Visa credit card to your MYOB Savings account), you can change the linked account on the Manage bank feeds page.

When you change the linked account for a bank feed, all transactions from that bank feed will be moved to the new linked account. If either the old or new linked accounts have been reconciled since this bank feed was set up, or if you've locked your accounts, you won't be able to switch the linked account. You'll need to undo the reconciliations for this period, or unlock your accounts first. See Undoing a bank reconciliation and Locking transactions.

Reprinting a bank feed application form

If a bank feed has a Bank form created, not yet active status you may reprint the authorisation form. You may need to do this if you’ve misplaced the form, or if it hasn’t been received by MYOB or your bank or financial institution.

 Cancelling a bank feed

You can cancel a bank feed any time after submitting the application. To do this, you'll need the user role of AdministratorAccountant/Bookkeeper or Banking.

Cancelling a bank feed permanently stops the flow of data from your bank for the selected account. So once you’ve cancelled a bank feed, if you want to set it up again on that account you'll need to re-apply.

If you need to change which MYOB account a bank feed is linked to, see Changing the linked account for a bank feed above.