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Auditing your records

It's a good idea to check the information in MYOB on a regular basis to ensure your books are in order. There's a handy review tool in MYOB that checks the integrity of your data for a specified date range.

When you run a review, you'll instantly see if any issues are found. You can then view one of the exceptions reports to dive in deeper to help identify the issue—and fix it.

You can run a review at any time. But like any check-up, if the gap between reviews is too long, it might take more work to find and fix issues.

Need help finding and fixing issues?

Invite your advisor into your file. They can access your file directly and help resolve out of balance issues.

OK, let's show you how to run a review on your MYOB file.

Receivables and payables exceptions

If exceptions are found in your receivables or payables, here are some guidelines to find a resolution.