MYOB EFTPOS is a payment service that allows your business to accept EFTPOS and credit card payments from your customers. We’ve partnered with TYRO Payments to provide this service to you.

How is MYOB EFTPOS different to other EFTPOS terminals?

MYOB EFTPOS operates over a broadband internet connection. Instead of using a telephone line like most conventional EFTPOS terminals, MYOB EFTPOS simply plugs into a spare Ethernet (network) port.

Why would I choose MYOB EFTPOS over another EFTPOS terminal?

There are a number of reasons. Please visit this page.

Is there any information about what type of network settings I require?

Yes, please visit the  System Requirements page. For information about firewall settings, please visit the technical FAQs page .

Which Internet Service Provider (ISP) do I need to be with in order to use MYOB EFTPOS?

Providing you have an active broadband internet connect, there are no specific requirements about which ISP you use.

Which MYOB software do I need to have to be able to use MYOB EFTPOS?

MYOB EFTPOS can be used with MYOB RetailManager v11 and above in ‘integrated’ mode. If you do not use RetailManager v11 and above, you can still use MYOB EFTPOS in ‘standalone’ mode.

What is the difference between ‘integrated’ and ‘standalone’ mode?

Integrated mode means that when you process a transaction in MYOB RetailManager v11 and above, the total amount of the transaction is automatically sent to the MYOB EFTPOS terminal.

This means you do not have to re-key the total into the EFTPOS terminal. When the transaction is approved on the EFTPOS terminal, it is also approved and finalised in RetailManager
automatically. It also means that if you have a docket or receipt printer, you can print both the EFTPOS merchant receipt and your tax invoice on one receipt.
Standalone mode means that when you process a transaction in any MYOB software other than RetailManager, you must manually enter the total amount of the transaction into the MYOB EFTPOS terminal. When the transaction is approved on the EFTPOS terminal, you must manually record or finalise the transaction in your MYOB software. The EFTPOS merchant receipt will print via the MYOB EFTPOS terminal and your tax invoice will print separately on your default printer.

What MYOB software can be used with MYOB EFTPOS in 'integrated' mode?

MYOB RetailManager v11 and above

What MYOB software can be used with MYOB EFTPOS in 'standalone' mode?

I do not currently use MYOB software at all, can I still use MYOB EFTPOS?

No. MYOB EFTPOS is only available to existing MYOB clients

What are the dimensions of the MYOB EFTPOS – Desktop terminal?

Height 13.5cm, Width 13cm, Length 19cm

Will I need to set up a new bank account to use MYOB EFTPOS?

No. MYOB EFTPOS will simply deposit any funds collected directly into your existing bank account. All funds are paid on a gross basis the next banking day (approx).  

How will I be charged for using MYOB EFTPOS?

You will be charged directly by TYRO Payments. On the first banking day of each month the total Merchant Service Fees and terminal rental relating to the preceding month will be debited from your nominated account.

How do I apply for MYOB EFTPOS?

You can complete the  MYOB EFTPOS application form (PDF 1.3 MB) or call the MYOB Customer Service Team on 1300 555 111 for assistance with your application.

What happens once I have submitted an application?

  • Once you’ve sent the form to MYOB, we’ll send you email notification that we’ve submitted your application to TYRO Payments for approval.  Please allow up to two (2) working days to receive email notification from MYOB.

  • TYRO Payments will then assess the application and contact you directly if there is insufficient information, or to advise the final status of the application (e.g. whether it has been approved and what merchant service fee may apply).

  • Pending a successful application, you will receive the EFTPOS terminal within 7-10 business days of being approved and notified by TYRO Payments.

Who do I contact for technical support or customer service?

Once you receive your MYOB EFTPOS terminal, we’ll give you a telephone number to contact us for technical support and customer service. You can access this support during the following times:

  • Monday to Friday 5:00am – 11:00pm (AEDST)

  • Weekends 9:00am – 5:00pm (AEDST)

At all other times our on-call support staff will respond.

What happens if I have technical issues with the MYOB EFTPOS terminal that the MYOB Technical Support Team is unable to resolve over the phone?

The MYOB EFTPOS terminal comes pre-installed with operational software. If you do experience a technical issue, it’s likely to be software related. Because your MYOB EFTPOS terminal is connected to the internet we can download a new version of the software to your terminal if required. The download takes about 90 seconds after which the terminal reboots to recover.

If a faulty terminal can’t be repaired by downloading new software it will be replaced by TYRO. TYRO will ship you a new device at no cost via express courier.

In most instances, the terminal will be arrive on the next business day in metropolitan areas and within two business days in regional areas.