The following fees (inclusive of GST) apply to M-Powered Services:


MYOB Cover clients and AccountRight subscribers Waived
Non MYOB Cover customers and AccountRight subscribers $20.00 per month


Electronic Payment Fee $0.30 per transaction
Remittance Advice Fee - Email Free of charge

 # For clients who have a current MYOB Cover membership or AccountRight subscription the access fee is waived.
Please note the Access Fee is applicable to customers using a third party approved partner product.

* Refer to your financial institution for details of any fees that they may charge in relation to your use of this service, including the establishment of a Transaction Negotiation Authority (if necessary).


Remittance Advice Fee - Fax $0.25 per fax
Late Processing Fee $50.00 per payment message
Stop Payment Fee $20.00 per payment message
Over Limit Fee $54.54 per payment message

M-Powered Payments

Electronic Payment Fee

This fee is charged for each individual electronic payment made to an employee’s or a supplier’s bank account plus the debit to your bank account from which the payment is being made. Depending upon the financial institution with which you bank, a portion of this fee will be charged directly by MYOB with the remainder being charged by that financial institution.

Remittance Advice Fee

This fee is charged for each individual fax remittance advice that you (optionally) request MYOB to send on your behalf to the beneficiary of an electronic payment made using M-Powered Payments.  Please note that to send an email remittance advice is free.

Late Processing Fee

This fee is charged for each payment message that you request to be processed after the M-Powered Payments Cut-off Time specified on the MYOB website.

Stop Payment Fee

This fee is charged for each M-Powered Payments (MMP) payment message that you request to be stopped before processing. Payment messages may only be stopped if they are future dated and only up to 5pm the day prior to the processing date.

Over Limit Fee

This fee is applicable to ANZ Bank customers only and is charged for each individual payment message that exceeds your approved processing limit. Other financial institutions may directly charge similar over limit fees.

Monthly Billing Process

At the beginning of each month, MYOB will debit your nominated MYOB M-Powered Services fees account for the fees payable for the previous calendar month. MYOB will also send you a monthly statement providing a breakdown of the fees that have been charged.


If you require any further information relating to the fees and charges for MYOB M-Powered Services please contact our M-Powered Services support team on 1300 555 931 between 9.00am and 5.00pm (AEST) Monday to Friday.

Fee Variations

Please note that certain fees and charges can vary or may be waived from time to time, as a result of special offers by MYOB, or otherwise in accordance with the Terms. Any such variations or waivers will be published on MYOB's website.

M-Powered Services Access Fee

This is a flat monthly fee that provides you with access to our M-Powered Services. The same fee applies irrespective of the number of M-Powered Services that are being used. This fee is waived for MYOB customers who have a current MYOB Cover or MYOB Software Maintenance (E&S) subscription for the product being used with M-Powered Services.


Transaction Trace Fee $10.00 per trace
Bank Account Amendment Fee $20.00 per account
Bank Debit Dishonour Fee $20.00 per dishonour

Transaction Trace Fee

This fee is charged where you request MYOB to trace a missing M-Powered Services related transaction, including an M-Powered Invoices bank deposit, a superannuation contribution processed using M-Powered Superannuation or an electronic payment made using M-Powered Payments. The fee will not be charged if the results of the trace determine that the transaction has not been processed correctly due to an error or omission by MYOB or our business partners.

Bank Account Amendment Fee

This fee is charged where you request MYOB to add, amend or delete bank account details for any of the M-Powered Services. Only one fee will be charged if the same bank account is being updated for multiple M-Powered Services. No fee will apply if a change is requested to the M-Powered Services fees account only.

Bank Debit Dishonour Fee

This fee is charged whenever MYOB processes a debit to your nominated bank account as a result of an M-Powered Services related transaction and the debit is subsequently dishonoured by your financial institution (eg. debiting of M-Powered Services monthly fees, an M-Powered Invoices Adjustment or an M-Powered Superannuation payment).