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Practice Partner Offer: Special discount for Eligible AccountRight Products

Offer Details

1. Who is eligible for the Offer?

The Offer is available to Eligible Members of the MYOB Partner Program in Australia who:

pay for a subscription for an Eligible AccountRight Product on behalf of an Australian business where the subscription was purchased as a result of a ‘Desktop to AccountRight’ promotion run by MYOB during a previous financial year (including any Company Data File or CDF offer); and

receive an invitation from MYOB to participate in the Offer during the Offer Period,

(Eligible Customers).

2. When is the Offer available?

The Offer is available from 12:00am A.E.D.T. on Saturday, 1 January 2023 until 11:59pm A.E.D.T. on Tuesday, 31 December 2024 (the Offer Period).

3. What’s included in the Offer?

Eligible Customers will be entitled to pay a reduced price for base subscriptions of Eligible AccountRight Products for the duration of the Discount Period. The reduced price will be equal to:

  • AUD $50 per month (including GST) for the base subscription of an Eligible AccountRight Plus or AccountRight Standard Product; and/or

  • AUD $100 per month (including GST) for the base subscription of an Eligible AccountRight Premier Product,

(Discounted Price).

4. How to accept the Offer:

Eligible Customers will be automatically enrolled in the Offer.

An Eligible Customer can opt out of the Offer by contacting MYOB Support on 1300 555 777.

5. Conditions and Limitations on the Offer

(a) This Offer is not transferable or available in conjunction with any other offer.

(b) The Offer applies to base subscriptions for Eligible AccountRight Products. Use of Premium Features (like Payroll, Premium Inventory or Online Invoice Payments) may attract additional fees or charges, and be subject to additional terms and conditions. For example, these additional fees and charges and terms and conditions apply to the use of MYOB Online Invoice Payments.

(c) Use of an Eligible AccountRight Product remains subject to the product terms of use.

6. What happens at the end of the Discount Period?

At the end of the Discount Period, the cost of the base subscription for each Eligible AccountRight Product will automatically revert to the then-current standard full price advertised on our website, unless otherwise agreed with MYOB. For example, when the Discount Period ends, Eligible Members of the MYOB Partner Program may still be entitled to a discount based on their membership tier.


7. We may vary or discontinue the Offer at any time. We will still honour the Offer if an Eligible Customer has been enrolled in the Offer prior to the Offer being discontinued.

8. The Offer does not replace or limit the statutory rights an Eligible Customer has, including any rights they have under applicable consumer laws.

9. If an Eligible Customer accepts this Offer on an unsolicited sales call, the Offer is subject to a 10-calendar day cooling-off period. If an Eligible Customer changes their mind during the cooling off period and decides not to accept the Offer, they will not incur any penalties.

10. These terms and conditions are governed by the laws in force in the state of Victoria, Australia. The parties submit to the non-exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of the state of Victoria, Australia.

11. MYOB values your privacy. We may collect and use information about you and for the purpose of administering this Offer. Please view our Privacy Policy for more information about how we collect, use and disclose personal information.


  • Discount Period means the period from when the Eligible Customer is first enrolled in the Offer until Tuesday, 31 December 2024.

  • Eligible AccountRight Product means:

    • MYOB AccountRight Premier;

    • MYOB AccountRight Plus; or

    • MYOB AccountRight Standard.

  • Eligible Member of the MYOB Partner Program means a member of the MYOB Partner Program in Australia (including any member of the Partner, Certified Consultant, Bookkeeper, POS or Connected Account Programs).

  • Offer means this offer, which is subject to these terms and conditions.

  • We, us, our or MYOB means MYOB Australia Pty Ltd (ABN 13 086 760 198) of Level 3, 168 Cremorne Street, Cremorne, Victoria 3121.

Last updated: March 2024.