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50% off MYOB Business base subscription for 12 months + GiftPay Gift Voucher

These terms and conditions have expired.

Please reference our updated terms and conditions.

1. Who is eligible for the Offer?

The Offer is strictly available to Australian and New Zealand business’, sole traders, partnerships, companies, trusts or other entities (as applicable) who either:

(a) are MYOB customers with a desktop product (either MYOB AccountRight or AccountEdge) or selected MYOB serial numbers (Desktop Product);

(b) do not currently use accounting or financial management software and instead use manual methods including but not limited to excel or other spreadsheeting or similar functions (Manual Solution); or

(c) are a Partner who has client(s) with either a Desktop Product or Manual Solution;

AND have either:

a. received the Offer via a telephone call from MYOB support or sales staff;

b. have been referred to MYOB by one of our Partners; or

c. received the Offer via email quote from MYOB; and

d. if appropriate, are intending on migrating theirs or their client’s Desktop Product or Manual Solution (whichever is applicable) to an Eligible Product.

2. When is the Offer available?

The Offer is available from 9am (AEST) on 24 August 2022 until 4:59pm (AEDT) 30 June 2023 (“Offer Period”), unless otherwise varied by us.

3. We reserve the right to vary or discontinue the Offer at any time.

We will still honour the Offer if you’ve accepted prior to it being discontinued.

4. How do you accept the Offer?

To accept the Offer, you must, during the Offer Period, purchase an Eligible Product subscription by completing the MYOB Business form via the website, directly with an MYOB sales representative or via a Partner.

5. What’s included in the Offer?

The Offer consists of:

a. a 50% discount off the RRP price of an Eligible Product subscription for the Discounted Period; and

b. in conjunction with a MYOB Business Lite Subscription: one (1) $150 GiftPay gift voucher; or

c. in conjunction with a MYOB Business Pro subscription: one (1) $250 GiftPay gift voucher; or

d. in conjunction with a MYOB Business Connected Ledger subscription: one (1) $50 GiftPay gift voucher.
(collectively, GiftPay Voucher).

The GiftPay Voucher is subject to the GiftPay Terms of Use and will be provided 90 days after you have: (a) migrated your Desktop Product or Manual Solution to the Eligible Product; or (b) Activated your Eligible Product file (whichever is applicable).

6. For SMEs:

The Offer is available on up to one Eligible Product subscription, subscribed to in accordance with these Terms.

7. For Partners:

The Offer is available for: (a) each Desktop Product or (b) Manual Solution that is migrated to an Eligible Product subscription. This means that for each Desktop Product or Manual Solution migrated, the corresponding new Eligible Product subscription is subject to a 50% discount and the billing contact (as at the expiry of the 90-day period) will receive one GiftPay Voucher. For clarity, this means that for “SME pays” subscriptions, the SME will receive the GiftPay Voucher, and for “Partner pays” subscriptions, the Partner will receive the GiftPay Voucher.

8. What’s not included in the Offer?

This Offer does not apply to MYOB Business Payroll Only nor to any Premium Features, meaning that the 50% discount does not apply to the fees associated with those functions. By accepting this Offer, you agree to pay any additional fees or charges during your Discounted Period.

9. MYOB’s standard ‘30-day free period’ does not apply

And for the avoidance of doubt the Discounted Period commences immediately.

10. What happens at the end of the discounted subscription period?

At the end of the Discounted Period, the cost of your Eligible Product subscription(s) will automatically revert to the then-current RRP or will automatically revert to any applicable Partner Pays wholesale pricing. By accepting this Offer you are committing to paying for your subscription at the then-current standard pricing at the end of Discounted Period unless you terminate your subscription in accordance with these Offer Terms.

11. What are the conditions and limitations on the Offer?

a. Unless otherwise advised by MYOB, this Offer it not available in conjunction with any other offer and is not transferable (except for transfers from “Partner Pays” to “SME Pays” and vice versa). You can use the best offer available to you at a single point in time, but not a combination of offers at any point in time.

b. The Offer cannot be transferred to other businesses or other serial numbers.

c. The Offer is subject to the terms and conditions of the Eligible Product.

d. You acknowledge that MYOB makes no representation that the Eligible Product is suitable to you, nor that it is a comparable replacement for your Desktop Product. More specifically, you acknowledge that:

1. Eligible Product does not include the multi-currency feature;

2. You may need to activate Premium Inventory in order to access the same number of inventory items utilised under your Desktop Product; and

3. For New Zealand AccountRight customers using a payroll online product, you are not eligible to migrate the payroll element to the Eligible Product.


1. We reserve the right to rescind any discounts provided to you under the Offer if:

a. you don’t comply with our Eligible Product Terms of Use or these Offer Terms; or

b. in our opinion you are trying to obtain benefits from the Offer that you’re not reasonably entitled to.

2. We reserve the right to discontinue the Offer at any time. We will still honour the Offer if you’ve accepted prior to it being discontinued.

3. The Offer does not replace or limit your statutory rights, including your rights under applicable consumer laws.

4. We may collect and use information about you and for the purpose of administering the Offer. Please visit our Privacy Disclosure Statement (AU); and our MYOB Group Privacy Policy for more information on how we collect, use and disclose your personal information.


In these terms and conditions:

Activated means attaching a bank feed to your Eligible Product subscription.

Desktop Product has the meaning given to it in clause 1(a).

Discounted Period means a maximum period of 12 months from the date the Eligible Product subscription is activated under this Offer.

Eligible Product means MYOB Business Connected Ledger, MYOB Business Pro or MYOB Business Lite.

GiftPay Voucher has the meaning given to it in clause 5(b).

Manual Solution has the meaning given to it in clause 1(b).

Offer means this discount upgrade offer, which is offered to you under the Offer Terms.

Offer Period has the meaning given to it in clause 2.

Offer Terms means these terms and conditions.

Partner means the member of MYOB’s Partner Program (including Partner, Certified Consultant, Bookkeeper, POS or Connected Account Programs and customers who have commenced their application to become a Partner Program member, for more information on Partner Program membership see here)
SME means the small-to-medium enterprise, business, sole trader, partnership, company, trust or other entity (as applicable) that subscribes to the Eligible Product subscription directly with MYOB.

You, your, yours, customers means the business, sole trader, partnership, company, trust or other entity (as applicable) that has received the Offer directly from us.

MYOB, we, us, our means:

a. if you accept these Offer Terms in Australia, MYOB Australia Pty Ltd (ABN 13 086 760 198)
b. if you accept these Offer Terms in New Zealand, MYOB NZ Limited (NZCN 902338)

Last updated May 2023.