Information Access & Reporting

Tools to support your information enquiry, reporting and analysis needs.

At a glance

To meet businesses’ information and reporting needs a "one size fits all" solution is an impossibility. Today’s complex enterprises need detailed information from multiple sources, expressed in multiple ways.

With a range of useful tools fully integrated into your MYOB Greentree system, all of your information enquiry, reporting and analysis needs are covered.

Benefits and Features

  • Total accessibility: pervasive access to your information in a central location
  • Better inform decision making with easy access to live, accurate information when its needed
  • 360° information allows you to drill down and across information anywhere in your MYOB Greentree solution
  • Access your information wherever you are via web browser: no need to be tied to your office 
  • Flexibility and control over outputs
  • Live links to Microsoft Excel
  • Extensive library of reports
  • Configurable search to find the information that is important to your organisation  

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Report Designer

Create new reports with up-to-date information across business divisions. Use automated scheduling, flexible output and tailoring options to make informed business decisions.


Financial Reporting Engine in Excel (F.R.E.E)

F.R.E.E delivers flexible, easy to build reports in Excel. With live access to your MYOB Greentree data, your reports are always up to date with the current information.



Reduce time spent on repetitive enquiries by providing secure, company defined, self-service information to managers, staff, customers and suppliers via a web portal.


Reports and Documents

Centralise and streamline key documents and reports with a searchable library. Teams run smoother using collaboration, alerts, version control and auditable document histories.


MYOB Greentree SQL

Provides a host of reporting and analysis tools. Supports open access to other reporting systems: from ODBC to real-time population of data warehouses via Microsoft® SQL Server.


MYOB Greentree API

MYOB Greentree’s API connection engine enables data to flow both ways, so that your applications can communicate effectively with MYOB Greentree.


Enterprise Search

Global search engine capability within your own database, tailored to you own search requirements. Meaning users get accurate, relevant search results every time via their browser.