Sales Order Management

An order management system built for your business needs

See how sales order management can help your business succeed

Give your sales and service teams real-time data to help improve their operations with the support of centrally managed sales activities. Fulfil sales orders, enter quotes, create shipments, apply discounts, track prices and check inventory all in one place to improve your overall ordering, fulfilment and delivery processes.


Integrated Workflow

Streamline your order processing by automatically triggering status changes, updates, notifications and more.


Configurable Order Types

Make processing requirements easier with redefined order types and rules. Specify workflow scenarios and documents to be generated to keep your accounts receivable and inventory modules updated.


Flexible Promotion and Discounts

Enjoy the flexibility of managing complex pricing and discount policies with ease – even when they’re in multiple currencies. Specify rules or allow the order management system to calculate and apply the best discounts combinations.

Important features of sales order management

CRM Integration Toggle Section

Convert your CRM opportunities to sales leads without losing any of your information.

Shipment Schedule Toggle Section

Produce shipment orders according to item availability or delivery schedule. Customise your delivery schedule with different delivery dates for each line item on a sales order.

Credit Limit Verification Toggle Section

Perform auto credit checks prior to release of the order, and release credit hold when the order amount is decreased or payment is received. 

Purchasing Integration Toggle Section

Link purchase orders with sales orders, and automatically generate new purchase orders when inventory is low. You can even hold sales orders until the purchase order is received, or drop shipments altogether.

Pick List and Replenishment Orders Toggle Section

Use your item availability records and warehouse location priorities to generate pick lists for your orders. Low on inventory? Auto-search other warehouses, issue replenishment orders, or even place the sales order on hold until new stock arrives.

Invoice Consolidation Toggle Section

Make it easy, with multiple shipment orders consolidated into one invoice. If required, you can even review and update the invoice information before printing.

Multiple and Partial Dispatching Toggle Section

Manage multiple warehouses easily, with the ability to fill a sales order from multiple warehouses, or even split the order into multiple shipments from different warehouses. You can then track these partial orders and manage back order deliveries.

Inventory Allocation Toggle Section

Customise inventory allocation rules at each step of the sales process, and use those rules to warn users when inventory levels are unavailable or over-allocated.

RMA and Reason Codes Toggle Section

Manage any returns with reason codes and return merchandise authorization functionality. You can process return orders as credit, or a replacement of damaged goods.