Business Intelligence

Comprehensive intelligence tools to support your ERP growth

See how business intelligence tools can help your business grow

Focus on what matters to you with the business intelligence software to accumulate key data from multiple sources and provide you with the insights you need to push your business further.


Automatically aggregated data

Easily combine data from cloud applications like Salesforce, or imported files, to obtain a complete view of your business activities.


Visual data display

Choose the data display that suits your situation and needs with an easy interface to switch display type and data selections.


PowerBI Data Analysis

Make your data work for you with PowerBI to help you select the best format for the data and situation. Choose from data tables, pie charts, bar graphs and much more, to help you explore the intelligence in your data.


Natural language queries

Get the answers you're looking for by asking in plain language. Eg. “What products performed best by region?”

Important features of MYOB Advanced business intelligence

Ease to Get Started Toggle Section

Connect to data from all of your applications in just a few clicks – no IT support needed. The best bit? It’s easy. It’s fast. And it’s free.

Visualise Toggle Section

Make business intelligence easy with multiple display options and free-form drag-and-drop interaction.

One Location Toggle Section

No need to search around, take the information from all of your different systems and consolidate it all into one place.

Reporting Toggle Section

Now that your data is all together, turn it into a rich interactive report with just a few clicks.

Real-Time Toggle Section

Never lose track of your business with a live dashboard updated with all of the information important to you.