Accounts Payable

Leading ERP accounts payable software

Let MYOB Advanced accounts payable help streamline your business

Keep track of your accounts payable with the ability to manage supplier invoices and balances, predict cash requirements, track discounts, deliver supplier reports, and much more. Use your web browser to access reports at any time and see how accounts payable software can work for you. 


Supplier Prepayments

Work faster with the ability to apply and issue prepayments directly to invoices as they are received. Your prepayment balance is kept separate from your regular AP account to keep things clear.


GST and Withholding Tax Support

Assign default tax zones to individual suppliers and use that information to automatically calculate the GST when filing tax reports. Defaults can be overridden during invoice entry if required.


Prepaid Expense Recognition

Split payments between prepaid and expense accounts, and assign deferred expenses by line item to give you full flexibility over your accounts.


Automated Approval and Payment of Invoices

Choose between automatically approving payments or an approval process to help you prioritise or delay payments. You can even designate payment methods or accounts to pay from.

Important features of accounts payable software

Multiple AP Accounts in GL Toggle Section

Manage multiple Accounts Payable accounts with ease by grouping suppliers to specific accounts. MYOB Advanced can even automatically offset the correct accounts for you when the payment is applied.

Supplier Refunds Toggle Section

Easily debit cash accounts or an AP Account with supplier refund documents. You can even apply a refund toward a prepayment or debit adjustment.

Supplier Account Security Toggle Section

Control access to sensitive supplier information with supplier account security. Have the flexibility to choose which individuals and roles can view and modify account information and balances.

Multiple Currencies Support Toggle Section

Issue or accept invoices in foreign currency to make your international business simpler. Let the system automatically apply the effective currency rate conversions and manage any unrealised gains and losses through a balance revaluation process.

AP Aging Reports Toggle Section

Customise your aging reports for easy visibility by including all total outstanding, past due, supplier performance and cash requirements in straightforward categories.

Recurrent AP Documents Toggle Section

Like to make things easy? Setup recurring bills by adjusting the frequency and time frame for each payment. Recurring bills appear in the recurrent transaction processing screen for review and modification prior to release.

Audit Trail Toggle Section

Capture the user ID every time a transaction is entered or a record is modified to maintain a complete audit trail. Correct mistakes by correcting or reversing entries, and all supporting documents can be attached directly to the transactions.