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Impress customers and inspire staff to deliver exceptional customer management



Effective customer management helps strengthen and nurture customer relationships and provide valuable insights into your business.

  • Customised dashboards help analyse trends in real time
  • Adjust your views from overall to department or function specific
  • Bring data together in one place giving you considerable insight into your business
  • Segment databases, manage online campaigns, and measure performance with integrated marketing
  • Integrate service and support activities with sales and marketing
  • Provide customers with 24/7 access to account information, and share your knowledge base and support information

Integrated marketing

Marketing automation integrates content management and customer information to enhance your marketing performance. Track captured leads across your marketing activities to measure performance and improve conversions.

  • Collate marketing materials in a central repository
  • Apply access permissions at document level
  • Target different market segments with different lead types
  • Use custom-defined attributes to target clients with customised campaigns
  • Combine and integrate marketing activities, billing, and financial data in one place
  • Capture leads from your website, direct mail, online advertising and more

Sales automation

Automate sales processes and improve the efficiency of sales teams by providing contacts, opportunities and activities to influence sales decisions.

  • Attach documents directly to transactions, leads, opportunities and accounts
  • Set leads to automatically route according to pre-set criteria
  • Aggregate lead lists manually or in bulk
  • Easily convert sales opportunities into full accounts
  • Let team members collaborate on proposals
  • Assign leads to internal and external users, and link salespeople to real-time information 
  • Restrict access rights and manage approvals at every stage of the workflow

Business intelligence and reporting

Accumulate key data from multiple sources and get the insights you need to push your business further.

  • Easily combine data from cloud applications like Salesforce, or imported files
  • Create personalised business dashboards related to job functions, roles, or responsibilities
  • Natural language queries allow you to get the answers you're looking for by asking in plain language
  • Consolidate information from different systems and applications and turn them into rich, interactive reports 
  • A live dashboard with multiple display options and free-form drag-and-drop interaction
  • Quickly share reports with others by exporting in HTML, PDF, Excel and Word
  • Keep track of your progress with instant visibility over your KPI and score card dashboards

CRM software

Manage sales and customer interactions by arming your marketing and sales team with current, accurate information. 

  • Manage marketing campaigns as a complete end-to-end process, including segmentation lists, tracking campaign costs and return on investment
  • Access to real-time, accurate customer information including opportunities, transaction histories, orders and pricing arrangements
  • View all your activities including tasks, opportunities, pipeline, orders and sales performance in a customisable space
  • Real time stock management offers live, accurate and up-to-date information 
  • Fully customisable tracking of sales performance for the setting of realistic and accurate sales budgets using historical sales data

Customer management

Securely connect and access business information on-the-go, enabling sales teams to better manage the entire quote and order process.

  • Create customers and contacts and enter or amend orders all at the clients' door
  • View real-time item details and inventory status at any time
  • View outstanding customer invoices and invoice details
  • Communication with your ERP system is encrypted
  • Customers can access the online portal whenever they need
  • Share marketing, educational, and FAQ materials in a secure location
  • Customers can directly update details, and view documents, balances, payments and more
  • Customers can view cases they've submitted, track their progress, reopen closed cases and provide additional information seamlessly

Each of our ERP solutions comes with comprehensive financial management features


On-premise ERP customised for your business, combined with HR tools

MYOB Advanced

Online and cloud-based, the MYOB standard for ERP that grows with your business

MYOB Greentree

Modular-based ERP, designed for businesses with complex, unique needs


We guide you every step of the way


Work with a trusted partner

Our ERP software is installed and managed by our trusted providers. We work hand-in-hand with them to give you the best experience.


The right training at all times

Getting up to speed with your ERP system becomes easier with comprehensive training for every feature.


Local support when you need it

MYOB and our trusted partners are here to help you whenever you need it - so you're never in the dark.


How do I get ERP?

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Step #1

Contact us. We speak with you to determine the best software solution for your unique business needs.

Step #2

We put you in touch with the largest network of partners in Australia & New Zealand who are fully qualified and accredited by MYOB.

Step #3

Our partner guides you through the installation process, on-site, and makes sure you get up and running.

Step #4

Training and support is provided throughout the entire journey. You can contact MYOB about any problems every step of the way.

How does pricing work? Toggle Section

Because we tailor your ERP system to your business, pricing is dependent on what needs you have. Contact us to talk in detail about your needs and how we can create an ERP system that brings you value.

I have AccountRight and I need something more powerful. Should I be considering ERP? Toggle Section

Maybe! Do you often find that your system breaks because you have too much data? Is it slow and hard to manoeuvre? Do you need to rely on stop-gap methods, like extra spreadsheets or systems outside of AccountRight?

If so, then you might need ERP. Contact us to tell us your needs specifically and we'll help you figure out what to do.


We're always here to answers any questions or help kick start your journey.