MYOB Exo Cloud Partner Program

Taking advantage of the power of the cloud is a must for modern businesses.

But significant investments in legacy systems like software licenses and other setup costs mean businesses can be reluctant to start again.

Hosting is a way for businesses to reap the value of the cloud, while retaining the benefits of the investment in their current systems.

As part of our ongoing program of providing clients with industry leading online solutions, we have recognised that many current MYOB Exo clients are interested in obtaining the benefits of working in the cloud, without the disruption and cost of changing systems.

In order to assist those MYOB Exo clients in selecting a suitable hosting partner, we’ve developed the MYOB Exo Cloud Partner Program.

Why would a business choose hosting?

There are many compelling reasons why a business would choose to host their MYOB Exo Business or MYOB Exo Employer Services software in the cloud.


No need to maintain server equipment

Reducing your on-site support costs means you no longer have to take care of your server’s management, capacity planning, system and performance monitoring.


Access your desktop from any device, anywhere

With hosting there’s no need for any special software – the hosting provider will take care of this for you.


Easily add more offices and users

Adding a new office is as easy as having a laptop and an internet connection. When adding new users, you don’t need to worry about whether your server capacity needs to be increased.


Say goodbye to back-ups

Retain efficiencies in continuing to use the software solutions that your team is familiar with and in many cases has been customised to suit your business. No need to worry about backups like swapping media and storing offsite.

Why choose an MYOB Exo Cloud Partner to host your systems?

All MYOB Exo Cloud Partners not only have a proven track record and familiarity with the Exo product range, they have also been required to demonstrate a secure and stable hosting service.

The accreditation criteria to join (and remain in) the Exo Cloud Partner Program includes:

  • Hosting of MYOB products for at least 12 months.

  • A highly secure hosting service that prohibits unauthorised access.

  • Track record of high availability – low downtime service.

  • Demonstrated technical competence in the MYOB Exo product range.

  • A hosting service that complies with the MYOB Products system requirements.

  • A hosting service that complies with relevant legislation relating to data storage.

Additional services

Each of the MYOB Exo Cloud Partners may offer additional services such as hosting Microsoft Office or other third party applications, disaster recovery, device support options and differing SLAs.

MYOB Exo Cloud Partner details

MYOB have certified the following IT hosting providers as MYOB Exo Cloud Partners. We recommend that you review this information on our website in conjunction with the information on the Cloud Partner’s website, to select the Partner that you feel best suits your needs. Of course you can always ask your MYOB Exo Solutions Partner for help.


Communicat is a leading service provider of Private Cloud based hosted business systems with more than 20 years experience supporting Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems, hosted business systems and managed IT Network Infrastructure. They have recently been awarded the 2013 N-Able Managed Service Provider of the Year Award for Australia and New Zealand.

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