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Professional services supported by MYOB ERP

The Medical Protection Society Limited (MPS) is the world’s leading protection organisation for doctors, dentists and healthcare professionals. As a long-time MYOB user, when the time came to update its financial management systems, it chose MYOB Advanced.

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MPS protects and supports the professional interests of more than 300,000 members around the world. It provides its members with a range of educational and risk management services to contribute to risk reduction. The courses run by its Australian branch’s education arm, Cognitive Institute, are attended by thousands of clinicians every year from across Australia and Southeast Asia.

The Problem

Integrated CRM, Finance required.

“While we’d been using MYOB Premier for a long time, its limitations were showing,” says Corporate Services Manager, Lynley Mangin.

Extracting data for various reports was a time-consuming task, and a more flexible reporting tool was required. MPS also wanted a Cloud-based system that could link with the cloud system run by its UK parent, and to support an increasingly mobile workforce.

Other systems assessed were either too big or too small, and the organisation’s history with MYOB meant that Advanced was on the radar from the outset when it went shopping.

“Advanced’s flexibility meant it could be structured to meet our requirements, rather than having to change our requirements to meet the system,” Lynley says.

"Advanced’s flexibility meant it could be structured to meet our requirements."
The Solution

A complex job well done

Advanced’s ease of integration with other systems has delivered major dividends for MPS. The MYOB Partner showed its experience in tackling what turned out to be a complex implementation.

“They made a real effort to understand our business; what we want to achieve and why we want to achieve it,” Lynley says. “The installation process was complex, but we never got the sense that anything was unachievable.” 

"With the MYOB Partner, we never got the sense that anything was unachievable."
The Outcome

Better reporting and visibility

With Advanced, MPS is now achieving the reporting standards it required. Data is extracted more quickly and easily, and the integration with Salesforce gives greater visibility of the revenue generated and costs incurred from the various events it stages.

 “MYOB Advanced is making a significant difference to our business, and we know that further adaptations are possible to improve our operating processes further as we move forward and provide even better service to our members,” Lynley concludes.

"Advanced is making a significant difference to our business."


  • Lack of detailed reporting
  • Reports slow and difficult to extract
  • CRM integration required
  • Too much double data entry


  • More comprehensive reports
  • Data readily available
  • CRM integration achieved
  • Double entry reduced

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