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Inspiring stories from our MYOB customers

Learn how MYOB helps customers start, survive and succeed.

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28 September 2023

Setting Lifestyle Home Maintenance up for future growth

Thanks to MYOB Advanced Business, this ambitious business has reduced its admin workload by 80% and expanded its services across Australia. 

28 September 2023

Peacock Bros. NZ at the top of their game

Read how Peacock Bros. NZ, one of ANZ's largest providers of identification, tracking and mobility solutions in the supply chain, resolves sales order processing challenges with MYOB Advanced Business.


28 September 2023

MYOB Advanced Business a 'perfect fit' for CVCheck

MYOB Advanced Business helped CVCheck connect its business, giving it complete control and helping the company deliver quality service to clients.    


28 September 2023

FarmMark steps into a new era with MYOB Advanced Construction

Read how livestock industry experts FarmMark use MYOB Advanced Construction to track and manage projects efficiently and improve inventory workflows.


28 September 2023

MYOB is this Diamond Partner’s best friend

Kerry Underwood from Your Bookkeeping Angels won MYOB Certified Consultant of the Year and was inducted into MYOB’s Hall of Fame in 2022. She shared how her decades-long partnership with MYOB helped her business grow to 300+ clients.


28 September 2023

MYOB Advanced Business critical to growth for Zenith Payments

Find out how fintech company Zenith Payments has grown exponentially in the Australian market over the past few years, and MYOB Advanced Business has been crucial to that success.


28 September 2023

World Challenge: MYOB Advanced platform is up for it!

MYOB Advanced Business and Advanced Payroll provides World Challenge a cost-effective business system. 


28 September 2023

WDHS cures problem with MYOB PayGlobal

The Western District Health Service is responsible for the payroll of 750 employees across multiple organisations. When its previous system couldn’t scale, MYOB PayGlobal provided a powerful, lasting solution to the problem.

28 September 2023

Small businesses run the world

Dr Julia Yonghua Wu from the University of Christchurch won MYOB Educator of the Year – NZ at the 2022 MYOB Partner Awards. She shares how MYOB helps her prepare students for a future she predicts will be run by small businesses. 


28 September 2023

Threlfall Packaging has it all wrapped up with MYOB Advanced platform

With their almost entirely manual systems, errors were starting to increase for Threlfall Packaging in their inventory and pricing, causing huge costs. Find out how the MYOB Advanced platform provides a much-needed all-in-one solution.


28 September 2023

MYOB Advanced Business provides integration and oversight for Royce Cross Group

Read how MYOB Advanced Business brings three separate entities together in one system and gives Royce Cross Group the top-down oversight it requires.   


28 September 2023

Multi Dwell Developments build solid foundations with MYOB Business

Discover how Jason Samargis built his construction business Multi Dwell Developments on foundations of solid financial management.