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Threlfall Packaging has it all wrapped up with MYOB Advanced platform

28 September 2023

With their almost entirely manual systems, errors were starting to increase for Threlfall Packaging in their inventory and pricing, causing huge costs. Find out how the MYOB Advanced platform provides a much-needed all-in-one solution.


Antiquated, inefficient and arduous – three things Threlfall Packaging didn’t want to be as they grew. 

With their almost entirely manual systems, errors were starting to increase in their inventory and pricing, causing huge costs. MYOB Advanced Business provided the replenishment capabilities to automate time-consuming processes and elevate customer service. 

Manual system costing time and money 

Threlfall Packaging is a wholesale company specialising in hospitality, consumable and retail packaging – an industry that owner Joe Raco describes as a ‘commodity market’. 

Joe’s goal was to elevate Threlfall’s customer service, with improved reliability, efficiency and quality. In this way he’d set the company apart in this competitive environment. 

Legacy systems from 25 years in the business were hampering that goal.

As Joe describes it, during that time, Threlfall Packaging has done a good job at “getting things done” using manual processes. 

It was time to take a step back, analyse what they needed and set the scene for growth. 

As a small to medium-sized family business, time is money for Threlfall Packaging. Unfortunately, their manual systems were costing them a lot of both. 

Pricing and invoicing were done with “good old-fashioned docket books.” They'd manually go through stock sheets from each supplier, counting by hand what they had on their shelves to fulfil orders, that then were faxed or emailed. 

As the business grew, so did the complications. 

“Every time we had a price increase, we’d have to go through our price books, scan each price list and manually adjust it. That would take weeks and weeks. We needed a solution for that.”

- Joe Raco, Threlfall Packaging 

MYOB Advanced Business – an all-in-one solution 

While Quickbooks and Xero both had the right accounting capabilities, Joe knew neither would “cut the mustard” in other areas. After an external needs analysis, Joe saw that MYOB Advanced Business would be the best fit — and jumping right into ERP was the step he needed to take. 

MYOB Advanced Business would fully automate Threlfall’s accounting, distribution and replenishment, while the CRM would allow easy segmentation of customers for managing promotions and debtors.

The payroll module, MYOB Advanced Payroll would remove headaches from month-end pay runs. The Advanced Distribution module would handle multiple customer pricing and streamline the shipment process for better accuracy and on-time-delivery, all while removing IT hardware maintenance costs.  

Customer service the platform for growth 

Joe says the improvements he’s seen in stock management alone have made it worth moving to MYOB Advanced Business. 

“It elevates us in our service, expertise and professionalism. That information is unbelievable to have at your fingertips. Before, we’d have to flick through a big folder!” 

Threlfall Packaging can classify products and customers to improve efficiency and service, while helping Joe keep a close eye on sales data and debtors. 

“What would take hours now takes a couple of minutes, so we can allocate our time to other productive tasks. Looking back 18 months, I think, ‘How did we do those functions?’” he says. 

Before MYOB Advanced platform

After MYOB Advanced platform

Hours of staff time wasted on manual data entry 

Inefficient ordering, fulfillment and replenishment processes 

Complete lack of sales data or reporting 

Customer visibility of service could be improved 

Manual data entry almost eliminated, staff focused on productive tasks 

Order fulfillment and replenishment time significantly reduced 

Useable sales data informs business decisions 

Efficient customer service elevates from the commodity market 


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