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Two decades of fine dining oil supported by MYOB

15 May 2024

Discover how Olivo's streamlined inventory and accounts payable processes have driven business growth since 2003. 

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Running a business was something John and Helen Meehan knew how to do. Olives, on the other hand, were not in their wheelhouse — yet. But as Helen approached a big birthday, she knew she needed a change.  

Helen and John bought Olivo in 2003 for a fresh start and some fresh air; they knew they had a good business structure and a viable idea, so started to look at where their product differentiator lay.  

The New Zealand-based British expats had spent a lifetime in Europe sampling the finest culinary delights, and so it dawned on Helen that Olivo would stand as the artisan, high-end olive oil producer in New Zealand – and from there they started producing some of the first infused olive oil in the country.

More than twenty years on, Olivo has grown to be one of New Zealand’s most recognised and sought-after olive oils. Helen explains how MYOB has been a part of that adventure, streamlining the business backend so they can focus on their true passion — creating delicious infused olive oils that take centre stage in any meal.  

Using MYOB a seamless and enjoyable experience  

As a self-proclaimed “non-financial person,” Helen knew that to keep things running smoothly and maintain her sanity, they’d need help to run the backend of the business.  

John and Helen started using MYOB AccountRight shortly after purchasing the business – and just like their infused flavours, it was a perfect match.  

“Technology can be very irritating if it doesn’t go right – but that’s never been the case with MYOB. It’s just been so easy.”  

– Helen Meehan, Co-Owner, Olivo Olive Oil 

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Inventory control to help with batch planning 

Creating a premium product doesn’t happen overnight — just one bottle of Olivo’s infused olive oil can take two months to produce. The long production time meant Helen and John needed to be very organised in terms of their produce needs, their stock levels, their supply chain and their resource management.

MYOB’s inventory module lets them do exactly that with ease and simplicity that this thriving small business demands.  

“I use the inventory module a lot. I need that inventory control to plan for the coming months,” explains Helen. 

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MYOB driving business growth  

MYOB’s aged-receivables report is another feature that helps John’s financial planning and management.  

“I’m in awe of how he uses it – he scrutinises it every week,” says Helen.  This gives the business a clear picture of costs and profits to ensure they get the best return on their investments — and business is growing.  

“We can look at the figures and ask, ‘How can we improve upon these performance targets?’ Ultimately, that’s what contributes to your business success or failure.” 

John Meehan, Co-Owner, Olivo Olive Oil  

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Improvements since MYOB AccountRight

  • Seamless transition and management: easy to implement and understand 

  • Inventory control helps with planning  

  • Clear snapshot of business health to ensure the best return on investment 

  • Easily managed finance with aged-receivable reports  

Want to streamline the way you manage business inventory? MYOB can help — get in touch today to learn more.  

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