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Baking the perfect business idea with MYOB

03 June 2024

Miss Trixie Drinks Tea is a pandemic success story. What started off as a hobby blog picked up momentum in 2020 when the world turned to comfort treats in lockdown. Today, Miss Trixie is baking her way to success.

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Self-taught baker, Alice Bennett, has always had a passion for sweets and cakes. Her side hustle has since become her main hustle, and Miss Trixie Drinks Tea is now a thriving business specialising in custom and classic cakes – that actually look like cakes!    

As her business exploded during the pandemic, Alice knew she had to get her business management up to speed. She needed a solution that could keep up with demand, streamline her finances and manage her day-to-day forecasts. Enter MYOB.   

Managing business growth in 'unprecedented times'

Embarking on a journey of growth, Alice knew she required a more professional and efficient approach to her accounting processes. As the business expanded, it became evident that manual record-keeping and invoicing were no longer sustainable. She needed a reliable solution to support the business’ financial operations as well as manage the inventory, payroll, customers and invoices.   

After researching various accounting software options, Alice discovered MYOB Business – the cloud-based business management software of her dreams. The implementation of MYOB marked an official turning point for the business, too. It provided the tools Alice needed to manage her business like a real business – a true marker that she’d “made it”.  

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Key features for simplifying operations 

MYOB Business has become an integral part of Miss Trixie's daily operations, simplifying various aspects of the business:  

  1. Invoicing: Miss Trixie relies on MYOB's user-friendly invoicing features to generate and send invoices promptly. This streamlined process ensures timely payments from their custom, corporate and bridal clients.  

  2. Expense Management: The free MYOB Capture app revolutionised expense management. It allows Alice to capture receipts on the go, eliminating the need to save physical copies and ensuring she never misses an expense.  

  3. Inventory Management: The simplest way to manage suppliers, orders and automate the business’ refills, inventory management has helped take Miss Trixie to another level. Through advanced planning and oversight of business stock, Alice is better able to forecast business needs and allocate spend appropriately.  

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The competitive edge: Achieving success with MYOB 

Alice says she chose MYOB for Miss Trixie Drinks Tea over other software providers due to recommendations from other entrepreneurs who had successfully launched their own businesses using MYOB. The ease of use and high praise for the business management software's all-in-one platform features were persuasive factors.  

Alice found that MYOB lived up to the hype, offering a user-friendly experience that matched her needs perfectly. One notable success story since implementing MYOB Business has been the utilisation of the platform's reporting features. Alice says she harnessed the insights provided by MYOB to design and execute a targeted marketing campaign on Instagram – where her followers drool over her delectable creations and her fan base is growing.    

This data-driven approach led to significant business growth, demonstrating the tangible benefits of using MYOB Business.  

Miss Trixie Drinks Tea | imagery 1

MYOB Business has proven to be a valuable asset for Miss Trixie Drink Tea in managing their growing business. Its user-friendly interface, invoicing capabilities, expense management tools and inventory management data insights have empowered them to streamline their operations and achieve significant business growth.   

Alice’s experience serves as a testament to the effectiveness of MYOB in meeting the financial needs of businesses in various sectors, even in the toughest and most unprecedented of conditions. 

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