When it comes to customer service does your ERP measure up?

MYOB Advanced is a powerful ERP that lets you deliver a higher level of customer service and increased sales through reduced response times, lower support costs and accurate billing transactions.

MYOB Advanced takes care of your whole business

MYOB Advanced helps you integrate your service and support activities with sales and marketing to deliver an improved customer experience. It sets your business up for success in other areas such as finance, inventory management, project accounting, purchasing and more.


Service & Support Automation

MYOB Advanced lets you build efficient and streamlined operations by automating manual work processes. You can easily build rules and alerts into the system to stay on top of service standards. This frees up everyone’s time, so you and your team can focus on areas that need attention and deliver a faster, more efficient service to your customers

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Business Intelligence

MYOB Advanced provides an intuitive Business Intelligence (BI) system that taps into your data and displays relevant customer information in a clear, easy-to-understand way. You can effectively identify customer behaviour and needs, and use the data to optimise your customer service.

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Sales Automation

MYOB Advanced empowers your team members with the resources they need to improve efficiency. Easily manage leads and never miss an opportunity. You can also ensure your team follows a strict customer service process by restricting access rights and managing approvals at every stage.

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Customer Self-Service Portal

MYOB Advanced lets you provide your customers with 24/7 access to their account information. You can also share your knowledge base to help reduce customer support questions.

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Advancing your business with the right ERP

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"We have trust in the MYOB brand and as it turned out their Advanced solution really did have everything we needed."

Marie Kapetanaki, Kosmea founder

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