We’re the No. 1 choice for ERP in Australia and New Zealand*

It’s official! More Australian and New Zealand businesses choose MYOB for their ERP than any other provider.

Why is MYOB the leader in ERP?

It’s simple. Our range of ERP solutions is designed and built to meet the needs of Australian and New Zealand businesses like yours.
MYOB also invests more time, money and effort into developing ERP technology than any other provider. So if you want to successfully
grow your business or gain real-time control across your operations, choose Australia and New Zealand’s No. 1 ERP provider.

Benefits of MYOB ERP solutions


Powerful & scalable

From finance, inventory and
distribution to customer management,
e-commerce and payroll, MYOB ERP
has the power and scalability to meet
your needs now and in the future.


Deeper insights,
better performance

Gain insights that empower you to
make better business decisions that
drive efficiencies and increase profit.


Expert knowledge

MYOB ERP is supported by a local
network of expert business partners
that understand the needs of
Australian and New Zealand



Choose an ERP deployment that best
suits your business needs – cloud,
hosted or on-premise.


Work smarter

Give your team the right information
anywhere, anytime on any device.

Discover how an MYOB ERP can transform your business and set you up for success

* iStart 2017 Buyers Guide