Do more good. MYOB Greentree

A sophisticated, powerful and cost effective ERP, MYOB Greentree delivers a wide range of features to help you successfully manage your not-for-profit organisation. By automating every level of your operations it frees you up to focus on the important things: doing more good.

Why is MYOB Greentree good for your organisation?


Save precious time

MYOB Greentree lets you build more efficient and streamlined operations so you don’t have to spend long hours tackling tasks like accounting and project management. With defined work processes and built-in alerts, Greentree helps you spend less time on complex processes and more time on making a difference.

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The perfect fit

Choosing an ERP that’s right for your organisation in the long term is important. It means you don’t have to reinvest your hard earned funds in another system due to the limitations of your current one. MYOB Greentree’s functionality can be scaled and adapted with over 80 different modules that suit your requirements. It’s a flexible solution that evolves with your needs.


One of our major needs was to acquire a business system that could grow with us. With Greentree, we have a system that will evolve with the company.

Patricia Vaz, General Manager Corporate Services, Community Housing Ltd


Gain deeper insight

MYOB Greentree gives you insight into your whole organisation. You can access, track and analyse accurate data in real time from donations and marketing expenditure to employee expenses and volunteers info – all from one location. A total view helps you make better decisions.

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Unify your organisation

An organisation that works together and communicates effectively between departments delivers fast response times, the right information and increased job satisfaction and motivation. MYOB Greentree connects every department system to talk to each other so you can harness the full power of your team to make an even greater difference.


One of our key values is working together, and we’re doing that better now because of Greentree.

Nicholas Joliffe, Systems Administrator, Yarra Community Housing

Start doing more good with MYOB Greentree


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