As your business has 19 or less employees, you’ll need to be compliant with the ATO’s Single Touch Payroll (STP) reporting by 1 July 2019.

So that you can start reporting from that date onwards, it’s important that you upgrade your software to the latest version of AccountRight.

This will allow you to access all the new STP enabled features.

Like to upgrade now?

We know that you’ve got some time up your sleeve but if you’re ready to upgrade, why not do it now? There are plenty of reasons why!

The latest AccountRight Release will give you access to the STP Readiness Assessment. This nifty little tool runs a check over all your payroll information to

ensure that all relevant information (like TFNs) is entered and ready for STP reporting.

Other benefits of upgrading:


Save time

Reduce data entry by around
150 hours a year

Piggy Bank

Improve cashflow

Get invoices paid
3x faster


Smart updates

For quick,
easy compliance


Greater insight

Make better business
decisions faster

How we can help

We’ll help you get up to speed with STP.

Workshop it

Our hands-on workshops will take you
step-by-step through the changes.
Check out the locations and dates.

Can't make the workshops?

Stay tuned for extra online resources including live
webinars, e-learning and more.

What is STP?

Watch the video to learn more about Single Touch Payroll.

Need help?

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