From cashflow in real time, to smart reconciliation that will saves 10 hours a month, Essentials has everything your clients need to take care of their business online. Plus, you’ll improve profitability in your business and spend less time chasing client information.

Meet BW Advisers

When MYOB introduced the single ledger, Tracy turned to one of the partners and said: “Why don’t we do that?” And so their transformation begun. They tried it out on a few clients initially. Then a few more. Before too long, a whopping 95% of their clients were on MYOB Essentials. They then added a bookkeeping wing and put the advisors back into BW Advisers.

The Bookkeepers
"I think all clients benefit from using MYOB Essentials. It’s very, very user friendly, it’s one of those things they don’t have to have a big accounting knowledge to be able to use it"
The Accountants
"We don’t understand why accountants aren’t using Essentials more. It’s a fantastic programme. It’s as complex as you need it to be. It handles your accruals based accounting and it can be as simple as a bank feed for cash based clients as well."

Demos to help get your clients started

Click here for other help videos on MYOB Essentials.

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