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You’ll have specialised support for everything from set-up and equipment, to general troubleshooting for MYOB Kounta.


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Enjoy around the clock specialised support. Plus Plan customers will receive a 24/7 support phone number and email address for business critical, time-sensitive issues.

MYOB POS Consultants

We have an extensive network of Partners across Australia and New Zealand that are specially trained to help you get started and to provide ongoing support. Your certified MYOB POS consultants can be found via the MYOB Partner Listing.  Partner services can include onsite support, setup assistance, email & phone support, hardware set-up and support, bundled hardware packages, MYOB Kounta training, integrations and 3rd party add-on assistance.

*Price and terms of service are set at the discretion of individual partners and customers.


How much does MYOB Kounta cost?

You can get up and running quickly on a free trial that allows up to 10 transactions a day on one register. There’s no credit card required and you can upgrade your plan at any time.

MYOB Kounta plans include:


For smaller stores starting out who just need the essentials.

  • $50 per location per month.
  • Includes 1 register and unlimited transactions.


A complete set of features for a growing business

  • Includes 2 registers
  • $100 per location per month
  • Phone support


Advanced functionality for emerging brands and high volume outlets.

  • Includes 3 registers
  • $150 per location per month
  • $25 per additional register
  • Phone support

How do I purchase Hardware?

Contact an MYOB POS Consultant, who can provide more detailed information and assist in your hardware purchase. Find an MYOB POS Consultant.

Why do I need to create an MYOB account?

You need an MYOB account username and password to login to MYOB Kounta. Then you can use this account to access online products like MYOB Essentials, AccountRight, and also for resources like my.MYOB (our self-service website) and the Community Forum.

How do I set my password?

You will receive an email to your inbox from MYOB with the subject ‘User creation and Passwords Set request.’ Follow the steps & then you can log in to your MYOB Kounta account at myob.kounta.com

How do I cancel MYOB Kounta?

Email myobkounta@myob.com to cancel MYOB Kounta. You must provide 20 days notice as per the Terms of Use.

How do I log in to MYOB Kounta?

Log in to MYOB Kounta at myob.kounta.com/login and follow the step-by-step setup process.

Where can I find the Getting Started Guide?

For help getting started with MYOB Kounta, check out these set up instructions.

For help setting up hardware, check out the hardware set up instructions.

Once you have started using MYOB Kounta, you’ll also receive some set-up instructions and tips via email, provided that you opt in to receive them.

How do I get my data from my existing POS system to MYOB Kounta?

MYOB Kounta has an inbuilt import feature that enables you to quickly and easily import your product information into MYOB Kounta.

What if the internet drops out or gets disconnected?

MYOB Kounta works offline so you can still make sales, print receipts and open a cash draw. If you lose your internet connection, MYOB Kounta automatically defaults to the offline mode. Once MYOB Kounta reconnects to the internet, it will immediately sync all of your information.

How do I set up MYOB Kounta to work with AccountRight or MYOB Essentials?

You can set up a connection between your POS and online accounting software in the back office area of MYOB Kounta. Go to Sites > Select your site > Add-ons. Select either AccountRight or MYOB Essentials and follow the prompts.

You must have a file in the cloud in order to connect MYOB Kounta with your existing MYOB accounting software.


What hardware is compatible with MYOB Kounta?

MYOB Kounta is compatible with industry standard point-of-sale hardware, including iPad, Android, Mac, PC, and any other existing equipment you might have such as printers, cash drawers and barcode scanners.

Your device must have access to the internet in order to work with MYOB Kounta.

Contact an MYOB POS Consultant for more detailed information around hardware. Find an MYOB POS Consultant.

What devices are compatible with MYOB Kounta?

MYOB Kounta works on any device with an internet connection. For best results, we recommend using a device:

  • with Google Chrome or Safari installed
  • at least 1024-by-768-pixel resolution (8” or more).

If using an iPad, an iPad 2 or newer. If using a laptop, a laptop on XP, Windows 7, Windows 8 and Mac OS.

Does MYOB Kounta support multiple printers?

MYOB Kounta supports an unlimited number of receipt or production printers in a store. Send all products to all printers or easily specify which products need to go to which printers. Flexible printing even allows you to connect each register to its own printer and cash drawer, or to share one you’ve already set-up.

What are MYOB Kounta add-ons?

MYOB Kounta comes with powerful new features, services and add-ons for all different types and size of business. MYOB Kounta built add-ons allow you to customise your store’s Point of Sale experience. There are also a number of online and mobile add-ons that seamlessly integrate to MYOB Kounta.

A sample list of add-ons includes:

  • MYOB AccountRight & MYOB Essentials
  • Tyro
  • PayPal
  • BeattheQ
  • BumpScreen
  • Tables
  • Time & Attendance
  • Inventory
  • Wastage
  • Aston Club
  • Collect
  • Tanda
  • Aston Club

You’ll find a full list of add-ons within your MYOB Kounta account. Select the add-ons you will like, turn them on, and follow the prompts for any additionally required set-up.

How do I reset my password?

Go to https://my.myob.com select your country and click ‘Forgot your password?’

How do I add or remove sites?

To add a site: Log in to MYOB Kounta -> Sites -> Create a Site

To remove a site: Log in to MYOB Kounta -> Sites -> Select the site you want to remove from the list of existing sites -> Click on the spoke -> Remove site

How do I add or remove registers?

To add a register: Log in to MYOB Kounta -> Sites -> Registers -> Create a New Register

To remove a register: Log in to MYOB Kounta -> Sites -> Registers -> Select the register you want to remove from the list of existing registers -> Click on the spoke on the right hand site -> Delete Device

Where can I find my serial number?

When you purchase MYOB Kounta, we send you an order confirmation to the email address you provide to us. This email includes your serial number. You’ll also be able to find your serial number with MYOB online at http://my.myob.com

What do I use my serial number for?

You’ll need your serial number if you have billing queries.


How do I change my billing preferences?

In MYOB Kounta go to myKounta > Account > select Manage your Payment Information.

To upgrade or downgrade go to myKounta > Account > Select the site your want to change > Select upgrade or downgrade under change plan.

How do I change my business details?

You can change your registered business details with MYOB online at http://my.myob.com

How do I change my current pricing plan?

To upgrade or downgrade go to myKounta > Account > Select the site your want to change > Select upgrade or downgrade under change plan.


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