What MYOB Business means for Essentials, AccountRight


22nd October, 2021

What the launch of MYOB Business means for Essentials and AccountRight

The official unveiling of MYOB Business marks the start of a new chapter for MYOB with even more value delivered for customers. Here’s what the recent announcement means for you.

We recently celebrated a milestone in MYOB’s 30th birthday. That’s 30 years spent developing and delivering products that help businesses get ahead.

While the journey began with a first-of-its kind desktop accounting product for small businesses, not only have our earliest customers changed significantly in that time, so too has the level of compliance and technological proficiency required to be successful.

Over the years, MYOB has responded to the rapidly changing business environment by expanding our offering to include payroll, enterprise resources planning and financial services and much more besides.

We now mark a turning point in this ongoing evolution – a moment for taking stock of everything we’ve achieved, and a moment for reflecting how we can present the best of our solutions to meet the needs of today’s business owner.

Enter MYOB Business: Bringing MYOB’s small business solutions together

For some time now, one of our chief visions at MYOB has been to simplify and realign our small business products into a single, powerful online solution.

That’s why we’re excited to announce that, as of earlier this month, MYOB is no longer selling solutions under the names MYOB Essentials and MYOB AccountRight to Australian businesses. Instead, we’re proud to unveil MYOB Business as the go-to platform for businesses.

We’ve spent the past two years refining our existing products and features in advance of this change, and they’ve become more powerful as a result. These best-in-class features are now brought together in MYOB Business.

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We know this step towards simplicity will make a big difference for new customers to MYOB, who will find it easier than ever to choose the best solution for their business.

Work the way you want, pay for what you use

This development hasn’t occurred in isolation.

In fact, the changing nature of work and the way our customers run their businesses is one of the leading considerations we’ve taken in designing this product.

Make no mistake, MYOB Business brings everything our small business customers love about our software together in one place, but more importantly, it gives them the option of choosing exactly the level of service and features they require.

From invoicing to inventory, management reporting and a whole lot more – every business has differing needs and priorities. That’s why MYOB Business presents five affordable core business and accounting solutions to choose from, meaning you only pay for what you need.

And we’ve taken this thinking even further when it comes to helping businesses pay their team members, with the flexibility of accessing payroll under a pay-as-you-use pricing model for those who need it.

What happens to existing customers of Essentials and AccountRight?

If you’re an existing customer, you might be wondering how the launch of MYOB Business affects you.

If you’re currently using MYOB Essentials or AccountRight, you can continue to do so without impact. Even better, you can upgrade or downgrade your subscription within these products should you so wish.

That means there’s no change in the powerful feature set currently available to our customers, and access to the new flexibility and pricing available through MYOB Business is on track to arrive in the year ahead.

We know this will mean big things for Australia’s small and medium businesses, so regardless of how you’re getting critical administrative tasks like accounting and payroll done today, now’s the time to have a look at MYOB Business.

Get good busy with a single system that automates everyday tasks, gives you great insights and makes compliance easy. Find out more about MYOB Business today.