30th April, 2020

Simplifying the JobKeeper payroll process with Tanda and MYOB

For businesses working with a variety of employee types and timesheets, applying for JobKeeper can be a real chore. For those using Tanda and MYOB together, things are much rosier.

Since the JobKeeper legislation came into effect, time and attendance solutions provider Tanda has assisted businesses that use its software to more easily enrol for subsidy payments in conjunction with their MYOB online accounting software.

“Some businesses manage this with a standard, recurring fixed pay in MYOB,” said Rod Schneider, Tanda’s head of strategic partnerships.

“But, there are a number of businesses who still have staff working limited hours, and they need to vary the amount of the JobKeeper allowance that’s applied to individual timesheets.

“We’ve found the easiest way to manage this for clients that still have staff working limited hours is using an allowance in Tanda, and linking that to the ‘Pay Category’ in MYOB.”

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Businesses are able to add an allowance to staff timesheets on an ad-hoc basis as required to make sure that they’re being paid enough for the business to be able to claim the allowance.

Step 1. Set up the JobKeeper allowance in Tanda

“This marries nicely with what MYOB is doing.

“You’re able to link the JobKeeper top up to the pay item or pay category and have it feed through directly.”

You can see how that’s done in Tanda, here.

Step 2. Configure the payroll category in your MYOB software

Make sure the payroll category in MYOB is set with the ‘Type of Wages’ as ‘Hours’.

“This allows Tanda to successfully send across the correct number of units that the employee is entitled to for that pay period,” said Schneider.

For notes on how to set up JobKeeper for MYOB AccountRight, click here.

Click to download MYOB's JobKeeper Cheatsheet.

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Step 3. Larger businesses may need to make further adjustments

Larger businesses may need to add JobKeeper allowances of varying amounts to each individual timesheet.

“Calculating this amount for each employee and manually adding it to each timesheet can be time consuming,” said Schneider. “For those clients, there’s the ability to automate top up amounts through an integrator called Zapier.

“This takes a little longer to set up, but for employers trying to process hundreds of timesheets into payroll, they’re finding it’s saving them time and that’s worth the extra effort.”

If you manage a large payroll and would like information on automating this allowance on staff that are still working, you can see a video on the topic here, or consider emailing Tanda directly.