Take your client Christmas gifts to the next level

2nd December, 2016

Christmas comes once a year, but it shouldn’t for your clients.

You need to make sure you stay front and centre in your clients’ minds and a well-executed Christmas gift can be one way to do that.

If the gift is on-point they will not only continue coming back to you for work, but refer you to others as well and give good reviews whenever necessary.

Everyone tends to think that a simple one-off gift to your clients will do, but that’s not enough.

If you want to make your clients remember you, give a gift that will last into the new year – and beyond.

So skip the Christmas cards this year – here are some gift ideas that will last the year long, and make sure that you stick in your clients’ minds.

Organisation membership

Do your clients belong to any member organisations, or industry groups that require an annual membership?

Some of those costs might be prohibitive, but if you can find one that doesn’t break your bank then offer to pay their membership fees for the entire year.

Every time your client receives some sort of correspondence from that group, they’ll be reminded of you as well.

It even gives you an excuse to contact them during the year to see how the membership is working out.

Buy event gifts in advance

It’s easy to buy something like chocolate or wine that’s used up pretty quickly. Instead, think about buying a gift that leaves your client in anticipation for months.

Is there an industry event in their city that might be worthwhile? Consider buying tickets well in advance.

They’ll be reminded of you as they anticipate the event, and afterwards you’ll be able to discuss what happened and if they had a good time.

The event doesn’t even have to be work-related. Just buy tickets for something months in advance, and you’ll be set.

Buy them a box!

One of the biggest crazes over the past few years has been the rise of subscription services that come in boxes.

Shaving kits and cosmetics are popular choices, but there are plenty of others.

Food-related kits come in all types of styles including sugar-free boxes, and even ones that send specific recipes.

If they’re a coffee lover, there are even a few that send different types of beans.

No matter your clients’ tastes, there’s probably a subscription box for them somewhere.

If you can find one that suits their personality, it’d be a perfect gift that reminds them of you not just once or twice a year, but every single month.

Ditch your name…and use theirs

One of the problems with so many gifts given to clients is that businesses slap their name and logo all over them. Then, they become unusable.

Instead, think about something your client really needs – like a notebook, or diary. Then ensure their name or initials are printed on the cover.

Better yet, do it for all their employees.

Then, the trick is to tastefully insert your company into the gift. Keep your logo small, tasteful – but noticeable.

If you’re using the notebook example, keep it on the inside front cover, for instance. It’s hidden enough that it’s not distracting, but definitely noticeable.

Give your clients something they’re going to use every day, rather than a one-off. It’ll keep you in the good books for another year to come.