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3rd October, 2023

Streamline accounts payable with Ocerra and MYOB

In the world of business, efficiency is paramount.

For organisations, this means streamlining processes, especially in areas that pose challenges, inluding accounts payable.

By integrating with MYOB AccountRight, Ocerra’s cloud-based invoice, approval, and purchase order automation system, powered by artificial intelligence, provides transformative results.

MYOB accountRight and Ocerra

Why AP automation matters

Efficiency and productivity

Automated systems like Ocerra greatly reduce the need for manual data entry and approval times. This streamlined process leads to faster invoice processing, ensuring that staff can focus on value-driven tasks.


One of the banes of manual data entry is the risk of errors. However, automated line-item data extraction guarantees accurate data capture, eliminating such risks and ensuring you’re working with reliable data.

Financial security

Today’s business landscape is fraught with fraudulent activities that could compromise an organisation’s finances and reputation. With audit trails, supplier validation, and other fraud protection features, Ocerra offers robust security measures.

Smart approvals

Ocerra boasts intelligent approval workflows that ensure invoices are correctly routed for review, eliminating bottlenecks and enhancing compliance.

Optimised purchase order management

Ocerra’s Purchase Order component not only streamlines procurement processes but also fosters enhanced supplier relationships, visibility over purchasing activities, and potential cost savings.

Ocerra and MYOB AccountRight

Ocerra isn’t just a standalone system — it’s a certified MYOB AccountRight application, offering easy and efficient integration.

What does this mean for organisations?

  • Data Synchronisation: From suppliers to tax rates to purchase orders, Ocerra pulls relevant data from MYOB, ensuring consistency across systems.
  • Purchase Order Alignment: Whether it’s the automatic export of PO and non-PO invoices to MYOB or the two-way matching of purchase orders created in MYOB with bills in Ocerra, the synchronicity is impeccable.
  • Enhanced Security and Compliance: Ocerra’s fraud protection functionalities, including supplier checks and audit logs, are complemented by its PO features and international tax calculation capabilities.

Ocerra offers a seamless bridge between its AP automation and MYOB AccountRight, providing organisations with a holistic and efficient accounts payable solution.

Ocerra integration with MYOB AccountRight

Investment returns

When evaluating a system’s efficacy, return on investment is a key metric for business owners in every segment and industry.

Ocerra’s AP software looks to improve not just operational efficiency but tangible cost savings.

The Ocerra technology is very impressive; not only is it user-friendly and intuitive, but it has also delivered significant cost savings for our business … We are happy with the Ocerra solution and highly recommend it.

Nick Kalikajaros, CFO at GDK Group, Australia

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Harness automation

In a world where time is money, streamlining operations is no longer a luxury but an absolute necessity.

By harnessing the power of Ocerra and its integration with MYOB AccountRight, organisations can leap forward in efficiency, accuracy, and financial security.

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