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Ocerra AP Automation


Streamline your accounts payable processes with Ocerra, an AI-powered AP automation solution tailored for Australian and New Zealand businesses. Bring efficiency, visibility, and protection to your accounts payable process with automated data entry, smart approvals, fraud prevention, purchase order control, and seamless MYOB integration.

Works with:

MYOB AccountRight
MYOB Acumatica

Key features and benefits:

Automated Data Entry

Save time and increase accuracy.
Ocerra offers instant data extraction from your supplier invoices, including key information, line-item descriptions, and bank and tax number details, drastically reducing the time and increasing the accuracy of your payables.

Smart Approvals

Streamline invoice and purchase order approvals.

Our system adapts to your business needs, from essential one-level approvals to advanced multi-tiered structures incorporating spending limits, invoice types, and automated workflows based on your business rules and requirements.

Fraud Prevention

Detect and prevent fraud with automatic checks.

Ocerra cross-checks bank and GST details on invoices against your MYOB system records, flagging any discrepancies for immediate review. Additionally, it analyses invoice patterns for layout changes and duplicates, highlighting suspicious invoices before they are posted to your system.

Line-Item Price Comparison

Efficiently manage and track price variations.

Ocerra reviews historical invoices from the same supplier, matching item codes and descriptions to detect price changes, enabling enhanced cost management and informed business decisions.

Dedicated Integration with MYOB

Streamline operations with seamless system integration.

Ocerra provides a flawless connection to MYOB, accommodating multi-branch and multi-tenant scenarios, and supports efficient document comparison and approval through two-way and three-way matching. Additionally, invoices and credit notes are posted to your system, complete with the original invoice copy and approval log for easy reference.

Ocerra Purchase Orders (PO)

Enable Purchase Control with Ocerra POs.

Ocerra’s PO system offers a user-friendly solution to optimise purchase order management within your organisation. It enables you to create, approve, and send POs directly from Ocerra to your suppliers, streamlining budget control and enhancing the approval process through automated workflows and a two-way match. With no extra fees for additional users, it's a flexible and cost-effective option, ideal for businesses of all sizes looking to streamline their purchasing process.

Real-time insights with dynamic reporting tools

Unlock Valuable Business Insight for Business Success.

Ocerra's Smart Excel Export enables quick and easy extraction of key data, streamlining the decision-making process. For deeper analysis, our integration with Microsoft OData offers real-time, dynamic reporting capabilities in Excel or your chosen BI tools, facilitating a clearer understanding of your cash flow and financial activities.

About Ocerra

Originating in New Zealand, Ocerra is deeply committed to the Australasian market, with a strong focus on delivering specialised services tailored to the unique business dynamics of both Australia and New Zealand. Our approach allows us to concentrate our resources fully on providing effective and customised solutions for our clients in the region.

Ocerra and MYOB Success Stories:

“Ocerra stands out by clearly displaying each invoice's status, approver details, and notes, enhancing our team's communication. Unlike pricier competitors with fewer features, Ocerra perfectly meets our needs. It's a hidden gem in the market.” - Linda Wright, finance Manager at WM Waste Management Services Pty Ltd.

“We use Ocerra daily, and we love it. It saves so much time. For example, all the invoice approval issues that we had are gone. Follow up is clear and easy. There is no need to print out an email or creditor invoice and manually key it in, then physically scan everything and send it off to Australia. It is instantaneous now!” - Janette Buchanan, financial controller at Goldair.

“With over 300 approvers, we used to have four people managing supplier invoices, and now we have just one Ocerra champion to oversee this role. This opened opportunities for our other team members to focus on other more important projects.” – Naps Saparamadu, financial accountant at Prensa Pty Ltd.

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