Staff picks – by Maryam Bagherzadeh

We take some time to talk with Software Developer Maryam Bagherzadeh about the similarities and differences between people and programs.


Maryam Bagherzadeh


Twitter handle



Role at MYOB

I am a developer. I solve problems and make sure not to create new ones! I work in the partner space making business life easier for our 40000 partners.

I love my job because it allows me to work collaboratively with other minds to deliver projects and features that our clients value. Building products that they use daily also brings a sense of achievement and purpose. Software development is all about learning, creativity and achievement.


Cool fact

I wanted to become a psychologist and university lecturer so I could help people, analysing and fixing their problems. I studied IT and now I’m dealing with computers and software applications, so I’m still analysing and fixing problems! I enjoy it, my patients are the applications I’m working on. They are good listeners and less complicated than people after all!


Stuff I love right now

  1. I love travelling and one of my dreams is to put a tick next to all the places that I’d like to visit. But at the same time, I’m a nervous flyer!
  2. I’ve always loved reading books and recently I’ve discovered the enjoyment of listening to audio books. I find it quite convenient and relaxing.
  3. I LOVE shopping!!!

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