Staff picks – by Maryam Bagherzadeh

29th August, 2016

We take some time to talk with Software Developer Maryam Bagherzadeh about the similarities and differences between people and programs.


Maryam Bagherzadeh


Twitter handle



Role at MYOB

I am a developer. I solve problems and make sure not to create new ones! I work in the partner space making business life easier for our 40000 partners.

I love my job because it allows me to work collaboratively with other minds to deliver projects and features that our clients value. Building products that they use daily also brings a sense of achievement and purpose. Software development is all about learning, creativity and achievement.


Cool fact

I wanted to become a psychologist and university lecturer so I could help people, analysing and fixing their problems. I studied IT and now I’m dealing with computers and software applications, so I’m still analysing and fixing problems! I enjoy it, my patients are the applications I’m working on. They are good listeners and less complicated than people after all!


Stuff I love right now

  1. I love travelling and one of my dreams is to put a tick next to all the places that I’d like to visit. But at the same time, I’m a nervous flyer!
  2. I’ve always loved reading books and recently I’ve discovered the enjoyment of listening to audio books. I find it quite convenient and relaxing.
  3. I LOVE shopping!!!